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11 Things We Have Learned After 3 Years Of Full Time RV Living

11 Things We Have Learned After 3 Years Of Full Time RV Living

It is always interesting to look back over the past years to see what we have learned after choosing to live an unconventional lifestyle. When we first set out on this journey of RV living I don’t think we were really looking at it from a learning and growing perspective, but more from an adventure standpoint.

It sure has been one crazy adventure, but it has also been unbelievable how much we have learned about each other, our family and how we want to live our life. We want freedom. Freedom to sleep in, freedom to travel, freedom to set our own schedule and day.

What we weren’t prepared for is that with freedom comes a lot of choices. When you get up every day and basically can do what you want with the day that can be intimidating and confusing. We don’t live a structured life and have consciously chosen to do that and love it in a lot of ways. Yet also get overwhelmed by it at times.

By choosing to live this life we also see how we really can do anything we want to. What happens to me, is I get confused since there are so many options out there! What route is right for our family? Well there is this way and that way or this way or that. What would be good for me, for Craig, for our kids?? So many choices!

In some ways this year has been our biggest year of growth. I think a lot of that had to do with making the decision to become full time entrepreneurs and no longer being 9-to-5ers. Again a very empowering feeling, yet also brings a whole different perspective to things.

Also after being on the road for 2 years and traveling with a variety of different people and seeing different ways that people travel, we more understand what this lifestyle is and can be. Plus our kids are getting older and are transitioning to a new phase in their lives.

To be honest looking back at when we first hit the road to travel full time I would have totally thought 3 years in we would know everything about how to travel in an RV and have all the answers figured out. In a lot of ways I am more confused now than I was back then. However there are a few things we are pretty clear on and are excited about.

Ok after all that confusing rambling I will see if I can pull this post together in bullet points that make more sense :).

Things we are clear on:

We Are Very Clear That Unschooling Is Right For Our Kids

The freedom it gives them is amazing. Plus we have seen them “learn” without having set learning times. They have picked up reading without any formal teaching. They understand the concept of math without doing any math worksheets. They also know US geography better than I ever did when I was in school.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still times when we get nervous about going such an unconventional route with our kids, but then we circle right back around to feeling good about it.

Learn more about Unschooling here: Unschooling Resources

We Like Living Simplified

Living with less things clears up so much space in our heads and so much time in our day to have less to manage and worry about. We consistently purge the little we do have to keep it minimal because it feels right. And living in a tiny house is a great way to keep yourself living simply.

It also feels right for the kids. They are happy to donate a toy they know they haven’t played with in a while. Yes, they still want to buy and get new things and we get it for them, but they also see they don’t need a whole bunch of things.

It really is a freeing feeling and is addictive and you want to learn how to live with less and less! I love that the RV lifestyle and living in a small space has really helped us to make this a priority and continues to push us to evaluate everything we do have and purchase.

Learn more about: How We Keep Our Life Simplified

We Like Being Weird

I got asked the other day about being judged about our choices and if that would bother me. I could confidently and clearly say that I didn’t care if someone else judges me for my choices.

The choices we are making are concious choices that are not dictated by a work schedule or school schedule. They are not dictated by trying to fit in or keep up with the Joneses. They are all choices we are choosing to make.

Are they the right choices for every family out there? No, and that is ok. To each his own. Do your own thing and be proud of that. We don’t live our life the way other people or society think we should. We live our life the way we want to.

This above all is something we are very proud of and sure about. With the freedom lifestyle we have created we don’t have to be in situations where we have to be as concerned about what we look like or that we are all squeaky clean each day. One of the many benefits if you live and travel full time in your RV.

We have met families who have commented about how much time goes into making sure their kids finger nails are clean and their clothes are spotless before they send them to school. Not something we have to worry about. At a campground people expect people to have a little dirt under their nails and on their clothes.

Being Entrepreneurs Is Empowering

I didn’t grow up thinking I would be an entrepreneur and it wasn’t a goal of mine until it was. Now that we have gone down this path it is empowering to see that we can make our own money. That we can set our own schedule, that we can sleep in on a Monday and work on a Sunday or really whenever we want to. The freedom is stressful, but also exciting!

Part of living as entrepreneurs means we have to be OK with a level of fear and stress around making sure we are bringing money in. There are no paid vacations or sick days. It has definitely been an adjustment and something we continue to learn how to live with, but it is also really cool and makes us proud that we are living our own life and setting our own schedule.

We Like Sharing Our Story To Encourage Others To Live Their Dream

Almost everyone that decides to travel full time thinks about starting a travel blog at some point. I mean it is perfect. We are out seeing all of these places so of course we should blog about it and share it with people!

What I didn’t anticipate was the community we would build and the amazing supporters and followers we would have on this journey. It is so cool to have a group of people who are there to follow our journey, encourage us, and provide their insight.

Having a community and hearing from them gives us a desire to want to give them more. Inspire them more to live their dreams, show them what we have been through and what we are going through, and overall providing an example of a different lifestyle that you can live with kids.

Where To Stay

After 3 years of traveling we have learned that we like campgrounds sometimes – a nice pool and a nice cement pad can be a good break for a few days. But we also really like the National Park and State Park campgrounds that have a more relaxed vibe.

We have been getting more into boondocking on free land and would definitely like to continue to do that.

What we do know is we are not people who want to jump from campground to campground, but instead want variety in where we stay. This also includes wanting to mix in hotel stays and house stays if we can.

Comfort Zones

Comfort zones are made for pushing and ours keeps getting larger and larger. My sister had mentioned this when we first started and it has continued to hold true. Once you push your comfort zone a little it keeps stretching and stretching. I am amazed every day how far ours has stretched.

It is another aspect of this life that is so freeing. Knowing we have the ability to do more than we every thought was possible is inspiring and is fuel for continuing to push it.

There Is Always Something More

This is a challenge. Part of the reason we have been able to do so many amazing things is because we are always pushing and looking. But part of the challenge of this is it is hard to take a step back and enjoy what we have accomplished to date.

I would say this year is all about being more present, slowing down and appreciating everything we have accomplished and done to date – easier said than done!

We Are Still Scared

I would think that after traveling for 3 years all of our fears about this lifestyle would be gone. Nope . . . they are still there. Things like safety in an RV park, weather (I HATE storms in the RV), going somewhere new and not knowing what to expect. We almost didn’t go to Canada this year because we were so worried about the unknown.

We are planning to head to Mexico in January and we still get this feeling of fear in the pit of our stomach. But what we have learned is we can do so much even if we are scared. We just can’t let the fear stand in our way.

I don’t think the fear will ever go away but our ability to manage it has gotten so much better.

Marriage Is Hard And Takes Work

This transition to full time entrepreneurs has pushed Craig and I to dive deeper into our relationship and how we work together. We will be the first to tell you we do not work the same. I like to go at 110 miles an hour and dive into everything and push through it. Craig likes to take a slower approach where he analyzes things and doesn’t like to have too many things going on at one time.

Yes that is a formula for arguments and disaster. Not to mention we live in 23 feet of space . . .

Ashley from Mama Says Namaste has some great personality profiles that really helped Craig and I learn more about each other. Plus we did the free Love Languages test and it was all eye opening to how we can work together as a couple, parents, and business partners.

We haven’t found all the answers, but every argument or fight we get into, we come out of having grown closer and improved our relationship because of it. It is still a work in process and I think it will always be that way. But it is worth it to both of us to keep working and to keep our relationship as epic and amazing as we know it can be!

We Still Don’t Really Know What We Are Doing

Our oldest turned 10 this year. 10 – that is double digits! We have a 10 year old yet we still don’t feel like we know what we are doing as parents. . . do you ever?! Him reaching this age has really made me stop and think how crazy fast life is and how we can’t spend all this time trying to do it perfect and right but instead have to sit back and just enjoy it at times too. As we go along this journey, we’re constantly figuring things out, but the more we learn, the more we see how much we really don’t know.

Which brings me back to what this year will be about. Being present in the current moment, taking time to smell the roses, and truly enjoying this amazing life we have! I am excited to see what year 4 of RV life will bring!

Interested to see how we started got started with full time rv living – check out our you tube video:

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I love how family travel is such an amazing way to deepen your family bond! We have 4 kids and 2 dogs and we sold everything so we could simplify our life, focus on our family, and travel!

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  1. Hi! We are a family of five. We started traveling in our RV in 2014 and have grown the travel to about eight months out of the year but still have not let go of our house. We hope to get it on the market in April and take the leap! So scared, excited, unsure etc. Thanks for your inspiration and I’ll look to your blog whenever I get the jitters!

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