RV Remodel: How to fit 6 people and 2 large dogs in a Class A RV

Here is a picture tour of our Class A RV remodel from back in 2014. This was the first rig we got when we started full-time RVing with our 4 kids.

Class A RV Remodel

It’s a 2006 Class A Newmar Kountry Star 3910. We purchased it on RV Trader and Craig flew down to Miami to check it out, buy it, and then drove it back. We had gotten all of the measurements and knew we were going to have to do for this RV remodel when we got it.

Here is the punch list for this RV Remodel:

  • Removed the back closet and put in a set of bunk beds
  • Removed the back dresser and tv area and put in a set of bunk beds
  • Took all window trim decorative frames off
  • Replaced the Fridge with a new one (we knew the fridge needed to be fixed or replaced when we bought it)
  • Put in a slide out pantry
  • Replaced the old tv with a new Samsung Smart TV
  • Removed the 2nd TV by the driver seat and changed it to storage
  • Painted all of the walls
  • Added some word art and some posters
  • Removed the second sink and vanity and put in storage closets and an area to hang clothes

We really wanted the RV renovation to make the rig feel like a home on wheels. We did some interior design updates, added our own window treatments and we were ready for life on the road!

Amazingly we did all this while we got the house ready to move out. We didn’t sleep much for about 6 weeks! But now our RV feels like one of those tiny homes!

Here you go! Hope you enjoy!

Class A RV Remodel Picture Tour

Here is what it looks like when you first walk in the door.
Here is what it looks like when you first walk in the door. It is a large living area and really feels like home! 
During the RV remodel, we removed some sections of the couch to make room for storage, painted the walls, and hung custom curtains
Here is the Living Room area.
The USA whiteboard Map that we use to show the kids where we are and where we are going.
The USA whiteboard Map that we use to show the kids where we are and where we are going.
The toy storage.
The toy storage.
The RV remodel also consisted of removing the old inefficient TV and putting in a smart TV
The Kitchen Table.
The Kitchen.
The Kitchen.
We needed to include more food storage for this RV remodel. This giant pull-out pantry was just the ticket!
The chalkboard wall and pantry that Craig put in.
The RV remodel also consisted of installing a new refrigerator because the original one was not working.
The new fridge and pantry.
View from the hallway looking towards the front of the RV.
View from the hallway looking towards the front of the RV.
Hallway to the bedroom. Which is also where we have a lot of our clothes.
Hallway to the bedroom. Which is also where we have a lot of our clothes. You can see the dog beds in the back as well. Both dogs sleep back there with us at night. And also enjoy lounging on the couch during the day. 
This is where most of the work was done for the RV remodel. We had to fit beds for all the kids in the bedroom.
The Bedroom.
Our Bed.
Our Bed.
Cannon is on the top bunk and Knox is on the bottom.
Cannon is on the top bunk and Knox is on the bottom.
Melia is on top and Carson is on bottom.
Melia is on top and Carson is on bottom.

That is it! It is crazy, but we really do all fit in it really well! Yes, there are times when we tell the kids “Get outside!” or “no playing swords in here!”, but for the most part it works! I will break down how things work in each area in future blog posts. I will also be doing some makeover blog posts so you can see what it looked like before we made it our “home”!

Comment below and tell me what you think of our RV remodel or if you have any specific questions!


Here’s a behind the scenes tour of our RV given by none other than Bryanna herself! Check out the footage on how we live!

We sold this rig a couple years later and switched to a small class C RV. You can check out our video walkthrough of our class C RV here.

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From there we moved to a 30 foot travel trailer where we added some subway tile and did a few other cosmetic changes. You can learn more about that rig here. 

After about a year in that rig we moved into a 5th wheel – added a butcher block table and desk plus we did a few more bigger changes you can learn all about it here.  

With all of our remodels we haven’t gone as far as replacing the vinyl flooring or doing anything like that. But with a few small changes you can make a big difference in your rig!

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  1. I was so excited to see this blog go live! I love the tour of the RV, I was wondering what it looked like inside! I really enjoy following your adventure – while I don’t think my family will ever do things quite like this, you are a big inspiration to me in how I raise/want to raise my girls. 🙂


  2. I love the way you made the bunks. We have 10 year old boy/girl twins and have been traveling for 2 1/2 years. We started only planning for a year, but fell in love with this lifestyle. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    • Thank you Connie! As you know life with twins is crazy and fun :)! We are happy the bunks worked out too! It took some creativity but my husband figured it out! Glad to hear you are enjoying the lifestyle!

  3. I love this. I am a single mom of 4 (my daughter’s name is also Malea (the way we spelled it) and triplet boys. My dream is to sell my house and travel in an RV as well. A little nervous trying to do this on my own, but still hoping some day to do it. Thank you for sharing.

    • Mary – that is awesome! Triplets WOW! It would be hard on your own unless they r older 🙂 then it would still be a challenge but doable! Good luck!!

  4. I love how you have enhanced your RV! I really enjoy how you incorporated so much learning into your decor! Our model is similar and we are looking into some remodeling options. We have three little ones and although the current layout works well- we know we will need to change a few things as they grow.

    • Thank you! I think it will always be a work in progress – since what works now might not work in a year and because you learn a lot about what you really need after living in it :)!

    • Hi Zoe, sorry for the delay! I used a good primer (Zinsser) and did 2 coats of primer then 2 coats of paint. The trick is to put the coats on thin and let them dry thoroughly.

  5. that’s some wonderful insight guys! We don’t get trailers as big here in germany. Mostly cuz it’s so hard to navigate them around our somtimes very narror streets and low bridges.

    So how do you feel about sharing one bedroom after all this time? 🙂

    • Hi Norman! We have a special RV gps that helps us navigate the US so we don’t come across any low bridges or tight streets. We also plan on getting overseas at some point and Germany is definitely somewhere we’d like to visit! We’ll leave the RV back home though 🙂

      So far sharing a single bedroom has worked out really well. Our kids are still pretty young and small, so space-wise, it’s no problem. As far as “alone time”, we just have to get creative 🙂

    • Thanks Erin! If you have decent water pressure and a big hot water tank, we are down!! Those are a couple of things we miss!

  6. Looks great & very intriguing!! You haven’t mentioned what you guys do regarding ‘home-schooling’ your kids? Thanks so much and enjoy the ride!!!

  7. Hi Bryanna! My husband and I live in a Newmar MountainAire 1997 and we would like to remove one of our bedroom closets so we have room for a crib. Can you share how you removed yours? I’ve seen in the video that they are exactly the same style as ours, so it would help us a lot to know where to begin. Thank you and congratulations on your blog, it’s great to meet other families that enjoy RV life as much as we do!

    • Hi Daiane, where would you be looking to put the crib? In the closet area at the rear of the coach or in the side opposite the queen bed?

      Either way, I just removed all the screws I could find and started to pry things out that wouldn’t move. They used a bit of glue as well to hold things in place. For the rear closet, I had to cut 1 piece of trim that extended all the way from the front of our washing machine.

      It really wasn’t that bad. Best of luck!

  8. Write this is awesome so glad I found your blog. We just started this journey a month ago! So far it’s been great! We have a 5 th wheel, 4 kids ranging from 17-4, 4 dogs, 2 cats and a rat lol… we have plenty of room and storage. We have been downsizing our life for 2 years now. It’s really amazing how awesome life can be when you step out of the rat race and slow down and enjoy it.

  9. I’m about to do the same with my fam! I am having a hard time finding any information on what is required for strapping/securing babies in their car seats in RVs. Any information would be helpful

  10. This is some really good information about getting a good trailer for a large family. It is good to know that it would be smart to get an RV with more storage. That does seem like a good thing to be aware of when you want a good RV.

  11. Wow, these are some fantastic renovations that you’ve done to the interior of your RV here. I particularly love the look of the new cabinets and countertops that you added. I would love to get something like this done for my own RV, but I would probably have to get the help of a professional renovation service to make it look right.

  12. Hello, I am thoroughly impressed! Seems that you are doing well and focusing on what is important. We are just beginning to consider this for ourselves, however we are in our late sixties and want to travel to visit our grandkids more often and see more of America. Thank you for your video.

  13. I love how you did the bedroom! This is exactly what we are discussing doing to our holiday rambler, have a family bedroom. We’re have 3 different ways we’ve thought about doing, 1 of the ways allows for 6 sleeping areas with hubby’s & I’s bed being smaller or 5 sleeping areas with our bed being bigger with a bunk right next to ours or 4 sleeping areas with our bed being the whole width of our 5iver and 3 beds in a u shape above us which would put the 2 smaller kiddos in bed with us & the 3 bigger kiddos above. We already cosleep with our 11 month old and will cosleep with the new baby so we may go with the 3rd option but who knows lol! We want to draw it out to scale to wrap our minds around it. Anyway………lol just wanted to say I love it & thanks for sharing! One more thing what size is your guys bed? Thanks, have a great day!

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