We are a family of 6. Craig and Bryanna are the parents (we are high school sweethearts). Then there is the oldest Carson, the twins Melia and Cannon and the youngest Knox.

We started off having the typical life – Mom stays home with the kids and the husband goes to work. We had a big house (on a 1/2 acre with a swimming pool, swing set, sandbox, big deck) and a LOT of toys and stuff! We decided to sell EVERYTHING and move into an RV! You can read about how we became a full time RVing family here.

We traveled full time in an RV from 2014 – 2022, this included spending 3 months backpacking Europe! In 2022 the kids asked for an opportunity to play sports and live in a neighborhood so we moved back to our hometown. You can read more about our decision to stop full time traveling here.

We are know a part time traveling family who still gets out and travels whenever we can either in our RV, road tripping or by plane! You can follow our adventures on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube!

On our site we share things to do in the locations we have visited in North America and Europe, tips on RVing – both RV travel and full time RVing, our top road trip destinations and all about National Parks – one of our favorite places to visit!


RVing Book

Bryanna also wrote a book on Full-Time RVing With Kids that you can check out here!




My name is Craig and I’m the Captain for this Crazy Family Adventure. Actually no, Bryanna calls all the shots, I just wear a Captain’s hat sometimes. For fun.

I have a bit of a sense of humor, and when others don’t find me funny, I always do.  I don’t take myself too seriously and I love my family.  That’s why we’re doing this 🙂


My name is Bryanna. I am the lucky mom of our 4 amazing kids! I had the pleasure of being a stay at home Mom prior to us hitting the road. It was challenging, but I loved it and wouldn’t change it for anything! After we made the decision to travel full-time I started a Virtual Assistant business so we could continue with our travel dreams. Check it out here: www.virtualpowerhouse.com.

I have a type A personality and have a hard time just sitting still and relaxing! I have what some people would call an intense – which has served me well and helped me achieve what I want in life. However part of me wanting to do this lifestyle is to learn how to relax and live more in the moment!




He is our first born and a very cool young man. He is a leader by nature and is an awesome Big Brother! He amazes us everyday with what a quick learner he is and how goofy he can be. He makes parenting easy!


She is a twin and a spitfire! She has such a personality and can dance like no other! She challenges us at every turn but we are also amazed by her persistence, her sweetness, and her individuality! My Mom says she is just like I was as a kid!




He is a twin and his name says it all – he is a ball of energy! He does everything with gusto and holds nothing back! He also has the biggest heart – he is always willing to share whatever he has and he tries so hard to keep everyone happy all the time.


He is the youngest and knows how to cause trouble and not get caught! He is such a little character! He doesn’t act like the youngest and holds his own with all his siblings. He is definitely the class clown and gives us a run for our money!



We also occasionally bring Authors onto our team to share their insights and experiences traveling to destinations and RVing! You can meet the authors here:


Vanessa Russell

Jessica Spears

Megan Jurvis

Chelsea Gonzales

Amber Goeringer

Jenn Vergara

Jill Greising-Murschel

Lacey Reichwald

Liz Wilcox

Matt Best

Pam Whyte

Road School

Jessica Murray Averett

Carissa Clinkingbeard



We also have a podcast that talks about Full Time RVing with Kids. You can learn more about that on our Podcast Page.

We look forward to sharing our Crazy Family Adventure with you and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!

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