RV Itinerary West Coast – 26 Epic Places To Stop

The west coast is a gorgeous place that is perfect for exploring by RV in the United States. The only problem? Knowing where to go and what to see. That’s where our RV Itinerary West Coast comes into play.

RV Itinerary West Coast redwoods state park camping

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Below, we’ve compiled all of our favorite west coast stops into one easy-to-read road trip itinerary plan. This outline is sure to help you start planning your own west coast adventure. Whether you change things up to meet your own needs and wants or stick to the plan exactly, you’re sure to have an amazing time exploring this incredible part of the country. 

Stop 1: San Diego, CA

San Diego Zoo RV Itinerary West Coast

3–4 Days

San Diego is a must-see location in SoCal. There are tons of amazing things to see and do in the city, and the culture of the place is unique and interesting. 

We recommend spending at least three to four days in San Diego, but you could easily fill two weeks in the area. Some of our favorite things to do in the city include the San Diego Trolley Tour, San Diego Seal Tour, USS Midway Museum, San Diego Zoo, and San Diego Botanical Garden. 

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Where to Eat

  • Donut Bar

Where to Stay

Stop 2: Los Angeles, CA

LA Featured RV Itinerary West Coast

4–5 Days

As you move north, the next must-visit spot is Los Angeles. We recommend stopping for at least 4-5 days here, but a whole week (or even two) wouldn’t be uncalled for. 

Los Angeles may not be the prettiest city in the world, but it certainly is exciting, and it’s jam-packed with excellent attractions. These include the famous Hollywood sign, Malibu, the Santa Monica Pier, the Walk of Fame, California Science Center, and Venice Beach. Of course, you’ll also want to take a day to visit Disneyland while in the area. 

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Where to Stay

Stop 3: Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs RV Itinerary West Coast

3–4 Days

Palm Springs is next on our list. This beautiful area has plenty to see, and we think it’s best to spend at least three to four days exploring. Some might even find they need more time. 

Some of the best things to do in and around Palm Springs include the amazing Joshua Tree National Park, Coachella Valley Preserve, the Canyon Ladder Hike, and Anza Borrego Desert State Park. 

Where to Stay

Stop 4: Death Valley National Park

Death Valley RV Itinerary West Coast

2–3 Days

Despite its name, Death Valley National Park is actually a beautiful place that everyone should visit at least once. We recommend spending two or three days in the park if possible. 

Not sure what to do during your visit? You’ll want to check out Badwater Basin, Dante’s View, and Devil’s Golf Course. More ideas can be found in our post: 14 Awesome Things to Do in Death Valley National Park. 

Where to Stay

  • Stovepipe Wells

Stop 5: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

2–3 Days

Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park are sister parks that often get overlooked. We get it; Yosemite is the one that everyone talks about—but trust us when we say these parks are worth seeing and can even fill two or three entire days. 

In Sequoia, we recommend seeing the General Sherman Tree, visiting the Giant Forest Museum, and hitting some hiking trails. During your time in Kings Canyon, be sure to see the General Grant Tree, drive the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway, and check out Grizzly Falls. 

More info on both parks can be found in our post: 19+ Unforgettable Things to Do in Sequoia National Park.

Where to Stay

Stop 6: Morro Bay

Morro Bay RV Itinerary West Coast

2 Days

Need some beach time? Morro Bay is the perfect place for you. This small town is located right on the beach and is the perfect place to enjoy the salty air and explore tide pools. 

In our opinion, it’s best to spend two days in this adorable town in order to have time to walk the beach, try your hand at surfing, and explore the awesome aquarium. You could fill more time in the area by driving over to San Luis Obispo. 

Where to Stay

Stop 7: Big Sur

Big Sur RV Itinerary West Coast

2 Days

One of the prettiest places in the state of California, you absolutely must make a stop to see Big Sur. The beautiful rolling hills and amazing coastline are unlike anything else we’ve ever seen in this country. 

In order to check out the great hiking trails and incredible beaches in this area, we think you should spend a couple of days here at the very least. 

See what there is to do in Big Sur in our post: 18 Fun Things to Do in Big Sur California

Where to Stay

Stop 8: Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park RV Itinerary West Coast

2 Days

Hike through caves and incredible rock formations at Pinnacles National Park. This one is a smaller park but is still worth visiting, and we could easily fill a couple of days exploring the park.

While in Pinnacles, make sure to hike the Juniper Canyon Trail for some amazing views. You might also want to see the Balconies Cliffs-Cave Loop for more awesome views and a hike through a cave (watch for bats!). 

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Where to Stay

Stop 9: Yosemite National Park

Yosemite RV Itinerary West Coast

5–6 Days

Yosemite is another one of those must-see locations that should be included in all west coast road trips. The views here are awe-inspiring, the hikes are incredible, and there is so much to see and do that you will definitely want to spend five, six, or even more days there. 

One of our favorite things to do in Yosemite National Park is the Mist Trail. In fact, this might even be one of the best hikes we’ve ever done anywhere. More amazing Yosemite experiences can be found in our post: 21 Epic Things to Do in Yosemite National Park with Kids

Where to Stay

Stop 10: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco RV Itinerary West Coast

4–5 Days

Historic sites, awesome museums, and lovely historic homes make San Francisco an interesting place to visit. We spent several days in the San Francisco area, and we feel one would need at least four to five days to really get a feel for the place. 

Some of the best things to do in this city include checking out Chinatown, seeing the most crooked street in America, strolling Pier 39, and touring museums. We also highly recommend driving over to Muir Woods and Point Reyes Seashore. 

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Where to Stay

Stop 11: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe RV Itinerary West Coast

2–3 Days

When you finish checking out San Francisco, escape the hustle and bustle of the big city by heading to the gorgeous Lake Tahoe. We could spend many days relaxing in this area, but if you’re on a tight schedule, you could probably stay for just a few days and still have a blast. 

We highly recommend doing some paddle boarding or kayaking out on the lake. Hiking and biking around the lake are also great options. Of course, you might want to try your hand at skiing in the winter. 

Those who need more suggestions should check out our post: 32 Spectacular Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

Where to Stay

Stop 12: Russian River Valley

Russian River RV Itinerary West Coast

2–3 Days

Russian River Valley is another fantastic escape into nature, Russian River Valley is the perfect place to go for some fun in the water. You see, the main attraction here is the beautiful Russian River, which offers opportunities for tubing and swimming that the whole family can enjoy together. 

We recommend spending at least two or three days in the area, but you’ll want more if you plan to drive into Santa Rosa or any nearby town. 

Where to Eat

  • Russian River Brewing Company

Where to Stay

Stop 13: Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg RV Itinerary West Coast

2–3 Days

Fort Bragg may not be the biggest city in California, but it is still one that is worth stopping for. Here you can check out the amazing Glass Beach, where bits of colorful sea glass litter the sand. You can also visit Russian Gulch State Park from this location. 

To do these things, you will need at least two or three days in the Fort Bragg area. Of course, it’s always possible to find more fun, so staying longer is not a bad choice. 

Where to Stay

Stop 14: Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Humboldt RV Itinerary West Coast

3 Days

Redwood trees are some of those things you really need to see for yourself to understand just how spectacular they are. This state park features a lovely forest made up of plant giants, and we recommend giving yourself a few days to really explore the place. 

While in the area, make sure to drive to the town square and herb shop in Arcata. Other spots that are worth day trips include the Loleta Cheese Factory in Loleta and Humboldt Cider Company in Eureka. 

Where to Eat

  • Loleta Cheese Factory
  • Humboldt Cider Company

Where to Stay

Stop 15: Redwoods National Park

Camping in the Redwoods

2–5 Days

For more redwoods fun, be sure to take the time to visit Redwoods National Park to view the redwood forest. It should be noted that this park is not like most other national parks in that it is spread out with multiple sections along the coast. If you want to see the entire park, you will need several days to do so, but even just seeing one section is worthwhile. 

Really, any section you choose to visit will be fantastic. We especially enjoyed the Fern Canyon trail because this is where scenes from one of the Jurassic Park movies were filmed. 

Where to Stay

Stop 16: Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen RV Itinerary West Coast

2–3 Days

Another wonderful national park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, is an awesome place to explore. Give yourself at least one full day in the park, and plan to stay longer in order to see “the most beautiful waterfall in California” at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park.

During your time in the national park, make sure to watch the video in the visitor center to learn about the different volcanoes found in the park. After that, drive the length of the park to admire the many volcanoes. Making time for a hike is also a good idea!

More awesome ideas for a Northern California road trip can be found in our post: 12 Epic Things to Do in Northern California

Where to Stay

Stop 17: Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake RV Itinerary West Coast

2–4 Days

Crater Lake National Park is a stunning place that you will definitely want to visit. Take a day to drive around the lake and take in all the amazing views. Add an extra day to do some hiking.

While parked near Crater Lake, make sure to head a bit south to see Lava Beds National Monument. This awesome park offers guests the opportunity to explore 20+ caves. Make sure you bring your own headlamp, as they are pricey at the visitor center!

Where to Stay

Stop 18: Southern Oregon Coast

Croquille Point RV Itinerary West Coast

3–4 Days

The Oregon coast is 100% magical, and we highly recommend exploring as much of it as you possibly can. That’s why this itinerary includes three stops along the coast. 

You will want to plan at least three to four days for your southern Oregon coast stop. During this time, you should visit and hike the beautiful Humbug Mountain State Park, take in the views at Coquille Point, explore the small town of Bandon (and get some food and ice cream there), and hop on a boat with Jerry’s Rogue Jets. 

Where to Eat

  • Tony’s Crab Shack
  • Cranberry Sweets and More
  • Face Rock Creamery

Where to Stay

Stop 19: McKenzie River National Recreation Area

Mckenzie River Blue Pool RV Itinerary West Coast

2–3 Days

Once you get a taste of the Oregon coast, it might be tempting to stay on the coast, but trust us when we say you won’t want to miss the McKenzie River National Recreation Area. 

The scenery here is breathtaking, and the city of McKenzie Bridge has some fun stuff to check out. We especially love the Dee Wright Observatory, the Blue Pool, and the Waterfall Loop. One could easily fill two or three days exploring this gorgeous place. 

Want to learn more about this magical place? Check out our post: How To Spend 3 Amazing Days In Mckenzie River Oregon.

Where to Eat

  • McKenzie General Store

Where to Stay

Stop 20: Mid Oregon Coast

Thors Well RV Itinerary West Coast

3–5 Days

After your visit to the recreation area, you will head back west and check out the middle of the Oregon coast. We think it’s best to plan to spend three to five days here, depending on what you plan to see. 

First, you definitely want to see the town of Florence and try your hand at sandboarding. The sand dunes in the Oregon Sand Dunes National Recreation Area are also great for riding ATVs and even sledding.

You will definitely want to take the time to see Thor’s Well and make sure to do some tidepooling while you’re there. Newport and Yacht are both cool beach towns that are fun to explore as well. 

Where to Eat

  • Yachats Brewery

Where to Stay

Stop 21: Portland, OR


2–3 Days

We love visiting Portland, Oregon. It has such a great vibe and so many great things to do and places to eat. Some of the best things to see while in the city include Powell’s Books, the International Rose Garden, and Forest Park. That said, we have a lot more ideas listed in our post: 32 Epic Things to Do in Portland with Kids

We also really enjoyed exploring outside of town and highly recommend driving the Hood River Fruit Loop. If you aren’t sure where to stop along the loop, check out our post: The 10 Best Stops on the Hood River Fruit Loop

Where to Eat

  • Voodoo Doughnut
  • Blue Star Donuts
  • Pip’s Original Donuts and Chai
  • Afuri Ramen and Dumpling
  • Slappy Cakes
  • Salt and Straw
  • Bollywood Theatre
  • Tusk

Where to Stay

Stop 22: Northern Oregon Coast

Tillamook RV Itinerary West Coast

3–4 Days

After Portland, you’ll return once again to the coast. This time you’ll be exploring the northern part of the coast, and you should plan a stay of three or four days at least. 

While you’re on the northern coast, we highly recommend seeing the town of Tillamook and trying the ice cream and cheese at Tillamook Cheese Factory. Visits to the adorable towns of Seaside and Cannon Beach are also in order. The tide pools at Indian Beach are fantastic, and Ecola State Park offers lovely views of the pacific ocean and sea stacks. Finally, make sure to visit the Goonies house in Astoria. 

More great Oregon coast info can be found in our post: 26 Oregon Coast Road Trip Stops You Don’t Want to Miss

Where to Eat

  • Buoy Brewery
  • Astoria Brewing Company
  • Pelican Brewing
  • Public Coast Brewing

Where to Stay

Stop 23: Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier RV Itinerary West Coast

2–3 Days

A beautiful place, Mount Rainier National Park is a must-see for anyone taking a west coast road trip. Unfortunately, because of snow in the winter and fog on certain days throughout the year, it can be difficult to see the mountain. Still, it is worth a try, as the mountain and the park are magnificent. 

In addition to seeing Mount Rainier, we also recommend taking a day trip to see Mount St. Helens and learning all about the relatively recent eruption of this volcano. We especially enjoyed exploring the lava tubes in this park. 

If you choose to do both parks, we recommend allowing two to three days for this stop. 

Where to Stay

Stop 24: Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park RV Itinerary West Coast

3 Days

Olympic National Park is an interesting stop because it is such a diverse park. Here, you can explore a rainforest, gorgeous beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. Make sure you give yourself at least three days so you can see all of the different environments, as each one has its own special kind of magic to offer. 

Not sure what to do in the park? We recommend the Hall of Mosses Trail, Ruby Beach, and Sol Duc Falls area. More suggestions can be found in our post: 12 Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Olympic National Park.

Where to Stay

Stop 25: Seattle, WA

Seattle Space Needle RV Itinerary West Coast

2–3 Days

Seattle is an awesome city with a unique history that is worth learning about located in Washington State. Spend at least a couple of days here in order to give yourself time to explore the many great attractions the city offers.

To learn about that aforementioned history, we recommend a stop at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Of course, you will want to get a photo in front of the Space Needle and visit Pike Place Market, Don’t forget to play on the playground located outside of the Museum of Pop Culture, and if you can swing it, a visit to the Museum of Pop Culture is also worth putting on your to-do list. 

Where to Stay

Stop 26: North Cascades National Park

North Cascades RV Itinerary West Coast

2 Days

Last but definitely not least, we must add North Cascades National Park to our RV travel lineup. This is an incredibly beautiful park that offers amazing views, bright blue waters, fun hikes, and lots of opportunities for wildlife viewing. 

Some of our favorite things we did in this park were Diablo Lake Overlook, Blue Lake Trail (where the kids could get in the water), and the challenging Sahale Glacier Trail. 

You can learn more about our visit to North Cascades in our post: 17 Amazing Things to Do in North Cascades National Park

Where to Stay

There you have it, an itinerary that will help you know where to go as you explore the beauty of the west coast. Happy trails, and we’ll see you down the road!

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