The Best RV Basement Storage Ideas of 2023

RVs are teeny tiny living spaces. For this reason, smart storage solutions RV organization tips are of the utmost importance. Obviously, this applies to spaces like pantries, kitchen drawers, bedroom cabinets, and any vertical space but RV basement storage ideas are just as important, if not more so. 

RV basement storage ideas

You see, there’s nothing quite as annoying as digging through a messy outdoor storage compartment to find that one tool you need before the sun sets or the rainstorm hits. Additionally, setting up camp is much more stressful when the storage compartments are disorganized, and breaking camp can become absolutely chaotic.

Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome basement storage solution ideas out there. In this article, we will discuss a few of our favorite storage and space-saving ideas for RV pass through storage basements to help you find the options that work best for you.

These are helpful if you live in your RV or if you take yearly RV trips. You are going to love to having your RV basement organized.

Our Top Picks

Let’s start by discussing our top three RV basement storage solutions. These are all products we use in our own little home-on-wheels, and they have served us very well over the years. 

MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray

MORryde CTG60-3690W Sliding Cargo Tray – 36″ x 90″
  • 800 lb. weight capacity
  • Arrives fully assembled

One great way to organize your RV is with the MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray. This slide tray is mounted to the walls of your storage bay and slides in and out, providing you with a large drawer-like shelf that holds all of your things and making it easy to reach things in the far back of the basement. 

  • Pros: comes in a variety of sizes; large 800lb capacity; carpet or plastic flooring; easy installation
  • Cons: requires screwing into the RV floor

IRIS 27-Gallon Utility Tough Tote

IRIS USA 27 Gallon Large Heavy-Duty Storage Plastic Bin Tote Organizing Container with Durable Lid,…
  • VERSATILE ORGANIZER – 27 Gallon Large Durable Heavy-Duty Storage Plastic Bin Tote Organizing…
  • BUCKLE UP – The multi-Buckle box latches strongly and securely onto the durable lid, separating…

Storage bins are an RV storage must-have and are often the best way to keep things neat and organized in RV basements. We really like these large IRIS tubs, which are durable, stackable, and secure, making them one of the best RV basement storage ideas out there.

  • Pros: deep lids mean stacked bins stay in place; lid locks into place to ensure everything stays safe and dry; four bins per pack
  • Cons: a little bit expensive

Sterilite 70-Quart Ultra Box Clear with Latches

Sterilite 70 Qt Clear Plastic Stackable Storage Bin w/White Latching Lid Organizing Solution, 4 Pack
  • LATCH CLIP BIN: Organize your home and keep clutter-free with the Sterilite 70-quart stackable…
  • DURABLE: Made in the USA from BPA-free and phthalate-free durable plastic with black hinged latch…

Another great bin choice is the Sterilite 70-quart clear box with latches. We like that these boxes latch shut—meaning they won’t come open while traveling—and that they are clear, so it’s easy to see what’s inside. These bins are great for storing everything from cutting boards, extra paper towels, shoe organization is a tiny space.

  • Pros: clear plastic makes it easy to identify contents; latching lids keep everything closed up tight; can be stacked; comes in a 4-pack
  • Cons: these boxes don’t stay stacked as well as the totes mentioned above; also aren’t as sturdy as some other options

Other Great RV Basement Storage Ideas

The cargo slide tray and storage bins above are our favorite storage bay organization solutions. That said, they are far from the only products for getting the basement of your travel trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome under control. 

Below are some more RV basement storage ideas, all excellent ways to make the most of your RV space.

Scotch 3M Command Hooks

Command Variety Pack, Picture Hanging Strips, Wire Hooks and Utility Hooks, Damage Free Hanging…
  • HANGS UP TO 19 ITEMS: One Command Variety Pack includes six small picture hanging strips, four large…
  • DAMAGE FREE HANGING: Each utility hook, wall hook and picture hanging strip works without leaving…

Command Hooks are a great way to make use of otherwise useless wall space and ceiling space, and many of the best RV storage ideas involve these hooks. We love that the hooks simply stick to the wall using a strong adhesive, removing the need to screw into the RV walls. 

Because Command Hooks come in a wide variety of sizes, they can be used to hang a variety of items. We’ve seen people use them to hang helmets, tools, power cables, water hoses, and more. 

  • Pros: incredibly easy storage solution that doesn’t require any tools; great for storing a wide variety of items
  • Cons: adhesive can wear out over time and will need to be replaced eventually; some hooks can be expensive

Scotch 3M Large Shower Caddy

Command Shower Caddy, Clear Frosted, 1-Caddy, 4-Water Resistant Strips, Organize Damage-Free
  • INCLUDES – 1 Caddy, 4 Mounting Bases, 4 Large Strips
  • DAMAGE-FREE BATHROOM ORGANIZATION- – Organize up to 6.5lbs of bathroom necessities with this handy…

Another Command product we love is their metal shower caddy. Obviously, this is great for placing in the shower to hold soaps and shampoos. However, it’s also an excellent way to give yourself extra space for storing chemicals and other small items in the storage bays.

Like the hooks mentioned above, this caddy is hung using a strong adhesive. This means you won’t have to use any screws or tools to mount one to your basement wall. 

  • Pros: no screws or tools needed to install; holds small items in place; takes advantage of unused wall space
  • Cons: adhesive can wear out over time and will need to be replaced eventually

Wall Control 4-Foot Metal Pegboard and Accessories

Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Black Toolboard…
  • Wall Control metal pegboard is more than 10 times stronger than conventional pegboard
  • Pegboard accepts conventional 1/4in pegboard pegs and accessories

A third great idea for using wall space to create extra storage in your storage compartments and give yourself easy access to frequently used items is to hang a pegboard. This idea works especially well in very shallow bays that can’t be used for much else. However, it can also work in larger bays just as well.

We love that the pegboard can be rearranged as needed, meaning your storage space can evolve with your RV travel style. 

  • Pros: very versatile storage space; can be changed as needed; gives you easy access to frequently used items; ideal way to use shallow bays
  • Cons: can be difficult to install if you don’t want to screw into RV walls; can be heavy; tools might slide off of hooks in transit

Woods E103 Cord Storage Wheel

Woods E103 E-103 Wheel, Holds Up to 150 16/3 Extension 125 Feet of 14/3 Gauge Cord, Holiday, Rope,…
  • HEAVY DUTY extension cord reel ideal for use with extension cords, holiday lights, rope, hose or any…
  • TANGLE FREE design for both outdoor and indoor use

RV water hoses and power cables can quickly take over a lot of storage space. The best way to get rid of this problem? A hose reel.

We like this reel because it can be used for both hoses and cables, and we recommend purchasing one for every hose or cable you own. We also appreciate the relatively low price, so purchasing two, three, or even four of these space-saving tools won’t break the bank. 

  • Pros: keeps hoses and cables neatly wound up and out of the way; relatively inexpensive; very portable
  • Cons: requires a bit of work to set up in a way that allows you access both ends of the cord or hose

Sterilite Clear Plastic Storage Drawers

Sterilite 20738006 Art Furniture and Storage, Multicolor
  • This package contains one 8.5×7. 25×6. 875 inch storage unit with three drawers
  • Multiple units can stack on top of each other to create customized storage solutions

In some cases, it makes more sense to store items in drawers rather than bins. We recommend doing this with things you’ll use on a very regular basis, as opening a drawer is much easier than pulling a whole bin out, especially if it’s stacked.

One solution we really like is the Sterilite clear plastic drawers because it’s easy to see what’s inside each drawer without even opening it. We also appreciate that these drawers come in a variety of sizes, so even if the one linked doesn’t work for you, there is almost certainly a version that will. 

  • Pros: clear plastic makes it easy to see inside; comes in a variety of sizes; easy to open and shut
  • Cons: could be more durable; tends to open during travel (though it can be secured with a bungee cord)

Valterra E-Z Hose Carrier

Valterra 46″ A04-0151XBK EZ Hose Carrier-46, Black
  • Assembled with mounting brackets for easy installation.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Quarter-turn vented twist lock caps with strap and Add a padlock for extra security

We’ve mentioned the fact that water hoses and power cables can fill small spaces quickly. What we haven’t yet pointed out is that sewer hoses can do exactly the same thing and come with a nasty set of germs and a horrible smell to boot. 

Many people choose to store their sewer hoses in a bin or in the rear bumper of their RV. This works fine, but we also really like the Valterra E-Z Hose Carrier. This stays shut better than RV bumpers tend to, and it will save your bumper from rusting. Additionally, it’s mounted under the RV, meaning you won’t be using valuable basement space for your “stinky slinky” and will be able to keep the hose away from everything else. 

  • Pros: keeps sewer hose out of storage bays; saves your bumper from rust; no problems with losing end caps
  • Cons: mounting requires some DIY skills

Muscle Rack Black Milk Crate

CleverMade Milk Crates, 25L Plastic Stackable Storage Bins CleverCrates Utility Folding Baskets,…
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Durable crates can be used for shopping at the grocery store, wholesale clubs or the…
  • ECO FRIENDLY – Heavy duty plastic pop-up bins made from recycled materials offer a great…

Milk crates are an ideal storage product for extra propane tanks. They also do an excellent job of holding onto large water jugs, preventing them from rolling around the basement and leaking on things. 

We like these milk crates from Amazon because they are incredibly tough and come in a pack of two. They are also the perfect size and shape for a variety of jobs, making them a versatile tool to have on hand. 

  • Pros: heavy duty; comes in a 2-pack; versatile
  • Cons: space-consuming when not in use; a bit expensive

Brilliant Evolution BRRC133 Wireless LED Puck Light

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light 3 Pack, LED Under Cabinet Lighting, Closet Lights,…
  • SUPER BRIGHT – Long lasting 55 lumen LEDs with 3000K warm white glow
  • ON/OFF TAP LENS – Simply tap the lens to turn lights on and off. Perfect for under the counter…

Even an organized storage space is annoying to dig through in the dark. Shed some light on your RV basement by adding battery-operated LED puck lights. These lights are super inexpensive, and because they’re battery-operated, they don’t require any electrical work to install. These lights are also great to place inside cabinet doors to help light up a dark cabinet.

  • Pros: LED lights are nice and bright; very easy to install; no electrical work necessary; batteries last a very long time; comes in pack of 3
  • Cons: included adhesive may not hold (use screws or Command Strips instead)

Lippert 236558 RV Double Box Under Chassis Storage Unit

Lippert 236558 RV Double Box Under Chassis Storage Unit Black
  • OPTIMAL SPACE- Underchassis storage bins help you free up space in your RV and tow vehicle
  • EASY ACCESS – Designed with a spring-loaded latch system that slides the bin in and out with ease

Need to find a way to give yourself more outdoor storage space? Lippert’s under-chassis storage boxes might be just the thing. As the name suggests, these boxes are installed under the RV and provide you with large drawers to store all of those items that won’t fit in the RV’s storage bays. 

  • Pros: awesome way to add a lot of storage space; easy to access the space provided
  • Cons: heavy; installation does require some DIY skills; no locks included

It can be hard to find the perfect solution for your basement storage for your RV pass through storage organization. But with some measuring and trial and error, you can set up a system that makes it easier to find things. When you are in your rig full time it is especially helpful to have your storage areas in order! Now if we could only find a way to get more counter space in our rigs!

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