The Ultimate Guide to Universal Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Well, here we are, about to dig into one of my all-time favorite places in the theme park world, Universal Studios Orlando Resort! Three epic theme parks(and another being built), seven onsite hotels, and special events like Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights!

Shows the exterior view of Universal Studios Orlando decorated for Halloween, Halloween Horror Nights 2022

Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

In this article, we’re going to focus on how to properly enjoy an annual event that has steadily become the most popular offering in the entire resort! The Universal Halloween Horror nights 2022 event nights run from September 2nd- October 31.

We’re talking about ten unique and top-tier haunted houses, five Scare Zones, numerous rides and attractions that remain open during the event, themed shows, and thousands of guests who embrace the vibe by wearing their own costumes to the park!

It’s the top of the heap when considering the Halloween events offered by amusement parks around the country. I will tell you exactly why that is and some tips and tricks to maximize the fun.

Let’s start right at the beginning…while the sun is still up!

What To Expect

There are a few ways we can go about a Halloween Horror Nights excursion. The simplest way is to purchase a ticket for the event, arrive before the 6:30 pm est opening time, and have some fun!
But is that the best way? In my opinion, absolutely not.

To give you some perspective on how I developed my points of view, Universal Orlando was my home park (along with Disney World) for about 16 years. I was what you’d call a local. Even though we lived about 3 hours away in the Ft Lauderdale area, that is more than close enough to visit these parks numerous times each year.

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) is such a big deal for Universal that thousands of people will travel from far and wide to experience the event. It’s also so good that millions of Florida residents also view this as an absolute must-do each year.

It doesn’t hurt that Florida residents get some extra special deals just for being from the state! I know this from experience. If you are a Florida resident, don’t forget to look at the specific offers made just for you!

With so many people prioritizing this particular event, planning is key! Failure to plan is planning to fail. That’s my motto. Well, it’s actually Albert Einstein, but we can certainly use it here, especially when trying to make sense of the potential madhouse that can be Universal Orlando during Halloween Horror Nights!

So let’s get you all acclimated with what this really looks like before we devise our plan of attack.

Where Is Halloween Horror Nights Exactly?

Photo of Dead Man's Pier at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2022
Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

First off, it’s good to know that the Halloween Horror Nights event is held in one of the three theme parks you will find here. It takes place at the park called Universal Studios Florida.

But I thought that was the name of the whole place. Well, it is but one of the three parks also carries that name. The other two parks are named Islands of Adventure and the water park, Volcano Bay.
This isn’t as confusing as it might sound initially, but we need to know this one from the start.

Universal Horror Nights are held specifically at the Universal Studios Florida section of the resort.
One of the biggest mistakes people make is to assume a ticket to the theme park includes admission to Halloween Horror Nights. IT DOES NOT!

Right around 5:30 pm every night of the Halloween season, Universal staff will begin to usher people out of the park who do not also carry admission passes for the nighttime event. So, it’s of paramount importance that you buy your admission to the Halloween Horror Nights event ahead of time.

We will get into the pricing and options you can choose from a bit later, but showing up to Halloween Horror Nights without a specific event admission ticket can end up adding a lot of time waiting in long lines or even worse. Refusal of Admittance!

It’s rare, but I have known people to be turned away due to capacity being met. What could be worse than excitedly making the trek to Universal for the Halloween event, only to be told you can’t come in?

They make it really easy to purchase tickets online. Go ahead and do that to remove all of the potential issues right from the start.

If you’re traveling from anywhere farther away to experience this amazing event, it might behoove you to consider making a full day, or weekend, of it.

My favorite way to go about this whole scary party is to commit to the fun. There are numerous benefits to thinking about this as a little bigger of a trip than just a single select night of spooky fun.

Here’s my recommendation.

This is even better if you’ve never been to Universal Orlando before, but works just as well if you have. If we’re making the trip, we’re gonna make it worth it!

Where to Stay-Staying On-Site

The first thing I do is get my mind around how I will absorb as much of this place as possible. With Halloween Horror Nights taking place in Universal Studios park, I want to spend the daytime hours in Islands of Adventure if I can.

This is the park where the two newest world-class roller coasters, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Coaster and The Velocicoaster, are located! The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spiderman, and Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey are all on that side of the property!

Many of the best rides at the Studios park are still open during the Halloween event. So, while we can spend the day over there just as easily, we will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy rides like The Mummy, Rip Ride Rock It, and Transformers while we’re over there at night.

Playing at both theme parks all day and night is best served by staying on location at one of their hotels. As I mentioned earlier, there are seven onsite hotels to choose from.

Sure there are tons of rooms in the Orlando area, and you might be able to find a better deal out there, but there are serious benefits to staying right where we are.

The onsite hotels offer different price points to match a wide variety of budgets, but I’m going to go right to the top end to help explain the benefits and how they actually save you money if you commit to the good stuff.

There are three “Premium” Hotels on the property that seem slightly out of range at times, but let’s deconstruct them a bit so we can see the truth.

Universal Loews Royal Pacific, Portofino Bay & Hard Rock Hotel

Photo courtesy of Universal Loews Royal Pacific

Those premium hotels happen to be the three original hotels that Universal built for us. They are the Universal Loews Royal Pacific, Portofino Bay, and the Hard Rock Hotel. All three offer the same benefits, but they are not created equally. Of course, you may prefer one theme over another but let’s dig into the specifics.

Universal uses a pricing method to encourage you to believe one is better than the other. It is not. They would have you believe the Loews Portofino Bay is the best you can get and that the Royal Pacific and Hard Rock could be better.

For one, the Portofino Bay Hotel is the furthest away of the premium hotels, but they just don’t offer anything that warrants paying the $50.00 extra per night over the other two.

The rooms, the restaurants, and the staff are fine but no better than the other two hotels.

So let’s just commit to the Royal Pacific Hotel, which is approximately $312.00 per night. When comparing that to the $132.00 per night for Cabana Bay, you might think it’s an easy decision to choose the latter.

Well, what if I told you that the Royal Pacific came with their Unlimited Express Pass for all of the guests in the room? This is a cost of $109.00 per person and can easily change the entire experience at the park.

It would cost $440.00 for a family of four for that benefit. When adding that to the $132.00 for the room, you’ve now saved about $250.00 just for staying in a better and more comfortable hotel.
Couple that with beautiful river transportation almost right to the front of the theme parks, and it makes a ton of sense to begin this way. The Cabana Bay uses a bus system, which will get you there, but loses the really nice aspect of the river trip.

Now we can spend the daylight hours enjoying Islands of Adventure before freshening up for the big Halloween festivities over at the other theme park!

This idea will pay off big time on the back end of the night as well. Walking or taking the river boat right over to the hotel at 2 am is fantastic compared to the idea of getting in the car to drive all the way home! (I’ve done that too. It stinks)

Arriving At Halloween Horror Nights

Photo of Fiesta de Chupacabras at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2022
Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

Ok, so we have our Halloween Horror night tickets and our room, we’ve had a great day skipping the lines at Islands Of Adventure, and we’re all ready to head over to the Universal Studios park for a night of ghouls and goblins. (Tips on dinner later)

The first thing we want to remember is the festivities run from 6:30 pm – 2 am every night of its operation. There are two waves of people who take advantage of this time frame, in my experience.

There’s the early crowd who show up at 6:30 pm, which is most of the folks trying to jump on all the haunted houses and rides. This is also where most of the families can be found.

Then there is the creepy crawly late crowd. Many teenagers and people dressed up in costumes start to show up in force around 8-9 pm and stay till closing.

I’ve been a part of both groups (I never wore the costumes, though), so I’ve had experience with what both ends of the spectrum can offer.

Many people show up early and stay late too, but you will notice the crowd flip if you stay long enough. It can add to the eeriness if you make it past the midnight hour, Creeeeepy time.

Walking through the gate with your tickets will be where you first notice how great of an idea it was to grab our tickets beforehand. As you walk by, there will still be droves of people waiting to purchase their tickets.

It happens every year.

**If you’ve taken my advice and are staying at a Universal onsite hotel, there’s another neat little benefit for you as well. When you’re walking up to the ticketing gate, take a look all the way to the left.

This is where you will see the designated entrance for onsite hotel guests. This can sometimes save quite a bit of time, avoiding the masses trying to get into the park. Don’t forget about this one!

Tips- Plan Of Attack-Part 1

Photo inside Halloween Horror Night's Tribute Store, Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2022
Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

Let’s assume we’re a part of the early crowd, and we’re going to try and get ahead of the pack right away.

Getting through the ticket gate will be the last time you are not exposed to spookiness, so suck it all up now. Brace yourself for walking through one of the first two ScareZones right off the bat.

There is no way to avoid them. The good news is that these tend to be a bit on the mellower side, but I have met those two little girls from the shining right in the first ScareZone. They just so happen to be one of my all-time bugaboos, so it might get scary right away for you too!

Walking in, you have three choices. Walk straight and head toward the New York City skyline, make a right and head down Hollywood Blvd or hit your first haunted house right near the entrance.

Most people want to jump right on the first available haunted house, but that’s not always the best idea. It keeps you with the main part of the crowd and you could get bound up while the rest of the park fills up, and it fills up fast.

My suggestion, especially because we’re early, is to walk right by the first house, which is “Hellblock Horror,” in 2022, and walk back to some of the priority houses.

Priority Houses

Priority Houses are the ones themed after popular IPs (Intellectual Properties) like Stranger Things, Friday the 13th, Rob Zombie, and such.

In 2022, HHN-31, we’re looking at IPs such as The Weeknd- After Hours Nightmare, The Horrors of Blumhouse-Freaky & Black Phone, Classic Monsters-Legends Collide, and Halloween!

It’s not that these houses are always better than the original creations by Universal each year, but they are definitely going to get the longest lines throughout the night.

If we walk right by that first house near the entrance, we can get to Halloween and maybe a Universal Original house called Spirits of the Coven. Hitting these houses will help separate you from the pack and allow you to move through the houses at a little slower pace than when it’s really packed with people.

From there, it’s a stone’s throw to a whole mess of attractions for you to dive into. Exiting the Halloween house, make a left to head toward NYC. You will run directly into two more houses, Fiesta De Chupacabras and Dead Man’s Pier.

These are both Universal Originals and in the perfect position to head into before the crowd catches up with you.

The indoor roller coaster, Revenge Of The Mummy, is right here, as is our second ScareZone, Candy Mutants Sweet Revenge. This is one of the more spookily congested areas and is always one of my favorite places in the whole park during HHN. Located near the Revenge of the Mummy ride you will find the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store.

Keeping with the theme of trying to maximize the Halloween festivities, I recommend hitting the Blumhouse-themed haunted house next, which is not too far away in the Fast and Furious/San Francisco area of the park.

Walking the outside path of the park will take you past most of the fun stuff you want to see and do, but it’s really up to you to decide the priorities from here. Cut across the park to head to the two IP-themed houses near the Kid Zone section, or continue the loop around the back of the park.

There is plenty to do and see around the back end of the park. So the logic to continue the loop is strong. This is where you will find both the Bugs: Eaten Alive and Descendants of Destruction haunted houses. Both are Universal original creations.

But you might want to do it otherwise. And for those who do, let’s take a look at another plan of attack that can work even better than the first one I offered!

Tips- Plan Of Attack – Part 2

Photo shows a mummy on Universal Monsters Collide, Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2022
Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

Ok, so let’s rewind and back it all the way up to the gate again.

When we walk in, we will follow the same straight-ahead path for a bit, but when we get to the Universal Store on the left-hand side, we’ll hang a hard right now.

There will be some folks heading this way too, but most of the crowd, especially the inexperienced ones, will get sucked forward by all of the ghouls, houses, demons, and excitement standing straight ahead of them.

We’re going to fight that urge and head to what will be, in most cases, a much less congested area early on. Of course, the entire park will fill up pretty rapidly as the evening ticks along, but for now, we’re trying to give ourselves the best opportunity to experience as much as we can.

When we make that right-hand turn, we will head down Hollywood Blvd and into what is traditionally one of the darker ScareZones. In 2022 the theme looks to be Graveyard: Deadly Unrest.

Graveyard: Deadly Unrest

Enjoy the ScareZones but try not to linger too long before we hit the houses. They will be there all night. We want to get to the priority houses as quickly as we can.

Walking past Mel’s Die In (usually Mel’s Diner), you will enter yet another ScareZone. During the day, this is arguably the most beautiful area of the park, but during HHN this is probably the creepiest of all the ScareZones.

Strolling under the trees of the Central Park area, there is an added element of just plain scary as you walk in. The ghouls know it too. This area contains more hiding places and spots you can’t quite see. They use it well, and it’s pulled together perfectly.

Once again, we want to make it past all of the hubbub as quickly as we can when we get to the next intersection, right in front of the Universal Animal Actors building.

We’ll turn right here to head to two of the priority houses right away!

This should give us a nice jump on the crowds as we enter both The Weeknd- After Hours Nightmare and the Universal Monsters- Legends Collide houses. I’ve headed this way upon opening, and it felt like we had the whole area of the park to ourselves… to a degree.

From there, we head back out to the main path and make another right toward Springfield. There will be a pretty long stretch with little to do or see but keep going past the Simpsons ride so we can get to two more haunted houses that are hidden near the back of the park.

We are now making our way around the back in the opposite direction as the first plan of attack. We will see the Descendants of Destruction house followed by the Bugs: Eaten Alive house along this path.

Humorous Haunted House

It’s worth mentioning that Universal always has a haunted house that focuses on being humorous. Last year it was GhostBusters. A few years before that, it was a house based on Bruce Campbell’s characters in the Evil Dead series and Army of Darkness.

Both were fantastic and considered high points of the evening by most.

In HHN 31, it’s the Bugs: Eaten Alive house. Early returns are that it’s hilarious and very well done.

Heading backward through the Plan of Attack 1, we will pass Diagon Alley. Which is where the Escape From Gringotts ride is located. This entire area is done up spooky as well. And while there aren’t any haunted houses to visit inside. It could be a nice place to visit and hit a good ride while you’re there.

We will then head back toward the rest of the park through the Conjure The Dark ScareZone en route to The Horrors Of Blumhouse: Freaky and The Black Phone house.
We then cross paths with the rest of the haunted houses. Such as Dead Man’s Pier, Fiesta De Chupacabra, Halloween, and Spirits of The Coven.

Depending on the wait times, I would make Halloween the priority here. Running from Michael Myers in a replica of the house from the original movie is too much for me to pass up for something like Dead Man’s Pier.

That said, if one house, no matter the theme, has a 20 min wait and Halloween has a 2-hour wait. I might choose to jump on the 20 min house just to experience it before I brace for the longer line. That will have to be seen and decided when you’re there.

It’s crucial to remember Halloween Horror Nights is Universal’s most popular event, and it gets jam-packed. You are not going to get out of there without crashing into and dealing with the very large crowds.

It’s just not real, so don’t expect it. The whole idea is to use whatever tools are available so we can beat as much of the crowd as we can. We want to experience the maximum possible offerings from Halloween at Universal.

It takes thought, consideration, commitment, and, most of all, planning.

Now let’s get into a sometimes controversial subject that can change the dynamic of the entire night. The Express pass!!!

To Express Or Not To Express

Spirits of the Coven Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2022
Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

Ok, I told you all about the Unlimited Express Pass that comes with staying at one of the three premier Universal Hotels. And that’s fantastic, but it’s important to know it does not transfer to the Halloween Horror Nights side of things. I found this out the hard way about 5-6 years ago.

The Unlimited Express Pass for the daytime at either park will run you approximately $109.00. You can also get a single-use (per ride) Express Pass for just about $79.00 per day.

Do you want to hear what the Halloween Horror Night’s Express Pass costs? Hold on to your hat.
After paying the $79.00 entry fee per person, you will need to pony up $129.00 additional dollars per person for the HHN Express Pass.

This has created anger and pushback online over the years, but Universal is unwavering. They know what they have, and they know people are going to want to pay it once they see just how long the lines can get.

I remember the first time I saw that Express Pass price. “Wait… it’s MORE than the admission price?” is what I said. Then after a few choice words, I stubbornly refused to purchase one on principle, of course.

It’s not that I didn’t have a great time without it. I did. But I would be lying if I told you I didn’t think about that Express Pass the entire night. Every time I stood in an hour-long line and watched the Express Pass folks just strolling on by and laughing as they did (or at least that’s how I saw it).

I can tell you that even though I hated the idea of paying that much for the Express Pass, I’ve never gone to HHN without having one again. Grumble as I might, I was grateful to have it when I was there.

I still remember laughing with my friends as I walked by the long lines. Not really, of course. I am incredibly empathetic to those waiting in lines. I’ve been them. Many times actually.

So, this will be one of the larger choices you will have to make when planning your Halloween Horror Nights trip.

Spending an additional $516.00 for a group of 4 after paying for admission and hotel can be a tall order. I get it, believe me. But I like to think about such things because of the experiential value.

What I can afford, and what level of commitment I have to make this a special event.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve done and what we get for it. This is for a group of 4 people.

Summary Of Costs

  • We paid $312.00 for a room at The Royal Pacific hotel, which gives us 4 Unlimited Express Passes for the day. (saving us $436.00 total).
  • We needed to purchase four tickets to Islands of Adventure. Which run $109.00 per person equalling $436.00 (free if we think of the Unlimited Express Pass savings).
  • Then we grabbed four admission tickets to Halloween Horror Nights which cost $79.00 per person. That totals $316.00.
  • Then the big one, we’ve chosen to bite the bullet and get ourselves the HHN Express pass at $129.00 per person. That’s $516.00 alone.

The grand total for this incredible day and night for our four-person group comes out to

That’s not what I would call cheap. But we’re going to ensure an experience packed full of as much memorable potential as we can muster. Pulling together a trip like this once a year is not all that bad when looked at through a certain lens.

Add to it that maybe you’re a group of 2. We can cut that in half. Or let’s say we’re with a group of 4, but we’re all paying for ourselves. That’s going to cost just about $400.00 for that whole deal.

Not too bad now, right?

When we look over what we’re actually getting. The price begins to take a backseat to the high levels of fun and excitement we will be experiencing.

  • A stay at a really beautiful hotel, some rooms with a view of the parks.
  • Riverboat transportation to and from the hotel and parks.
  • All day of skipping the lines for world-class rides. Such as the brand new Velocicoaster, The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure coaster, Skull Mountain, Jurassic Park River Adventure, Hogsmeade, Forbidden Journey, and much much more.
  • Exclusive entrance to the biggest Halloween event in the country.
  • Skipping the lines at some of the most well-themed and performed haunted houses in the entire world.
  • During the nighttime event, some of the best rides and coasters at Universal Studios Park. Rides like Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Transformers, and Revenge of the Mummy!

Is that worth it? Only you can decide, but that’s quite a bit of bang for the buck. More than in most instances quite frankly.

Now, I’m going to throw in a few more tidbits for you to consider. These are little-known but potentially essential nuggets you will want to know before committing to one plan.

Should I bring The Children?

I live in Virginia, and my home parks are Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, and Kings Dominion. Both parks have a Halloween event, offering something to protect the younger kids from the frights. They have a light-up necklace of sorts that tells the ghouls in the ScareZones not to mess with the child wearing it.

The crazy guy running around with the bloody chainsaw will stop in his tracks and pass the little one by if they have that necklace on.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights do no such thing.

They embrace the full fright factor with blood & guts, screams of terror, and legitimately scary monsters creeping around all over the place. There’s even an added adult element with half-naked women and tribal headhunter-themed men who are wearing next-to-nothing loin cloth codpieces.

Very risque shows in the middle of the walkways can be scary and titillating.

Universal does not recommend HHN for children under 13 and makes no apologies should the 5-year-old you decide to bring with you gets traumatized. This is the real thing.

Experience the full creativity, skill, and potency of one of the most powerful movie companies in the world trying to scare you. They know what they’re doing, and we’ve been warned.

Tips: Plan Of Attack- 2.1

Michael Myers inside Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2022
Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

I want to elaborate on why I recommended going to Islands of Adventure during the day and give you a serious benefit if you disregard that advice and head to the Studios during the day.

First off, I’m all about maximizing the fun. I’ve been an intense amusement park nerd since I was eight years old. Now they call me a Coaster or Theme Park Enthusiast. I’ve been there and done that in many, many sought-after spots where rides and attractions are king.

As I see it, we will spend approximately 7 ½ hours in the Universal Studios park during HHN. Many of the best rides are still open during the Halloween event, so we can hit them if we’d like during the night.

From the maximizing perspective, it could be a bit of overkill to spend all day and night in the same park. As fun as a theme park can be, fatigue sets in at even the best of places.

Especially when Universal Studios is set up for the Halloween event all day, much of the props are already in place even before the event starts. Crashed cars, bloody signs saying “HELP US,” and the like are everywhere.

Spending all day immersed in the scene, even without the ghouls, can take away some of the impacts later in the evening. I’ve done this. It’s real.

Walking into the Studios after they’ve set up the whole scene for us and when they are ready for you to experience the spooky side is a fantastic experience. Again, they are among the best at this in the entire world.

Experiencing the uniqueness of Islands of Adventure during the day can set up an amazingly different vibe for your nighttime visit to the Studios. Fog machines, eerie lighting, the actors, and the props are just the best when they are ready for you!


There is one super duper benefit should you want to forgo my advice and stick with the Studios park all day and night.

There is a loophole to beat the lines in a big way. But it’s only applicable to a specific group who chooses to handle the day in a specific way.

If you have admission to Universal Studios Park AND Halloween Horror Nights. AND are already inside the park when they start ushering people out before the HHN event, you can stay inside.

That’s right. You will be among the select few who have the run of the place without having to wait in what can be massive lines at the gates later that night. Even with our exclusive onsite hotel entrance, it can still be a long wait to get in.

This will enable you to literally go to the haunted house you want to experience most and wait there for it to open. You could be first in line.

This will not only allow you to get into a popular house without waiting. But you will also be able to get the jump on the next house or two before the lines get long.

For example, Let’s say we want to start the night by being chased around by Michael Myers in the Halloween house. We get that house complete and run right next door to Fiesta de Chupacabra, and Dead Man’s Pier before most of the people are even inside the park.

And many of them are going to get log jammed at the first house they see near the front gate. It’s what most people do and why I don’t recommend stopping at that house first in any of my recommendations.

We call it the tourist trap house. We also hold to this philosophy when visiting any amusement park. Most folks run to the first coaster or ride they see. Leave them behind and run further into the park. You can get that whole section done before the mob even gets there.

Then we can go where they just left!

It’s the best!

So, staying inside the park does afford you a serious benefit once you make it to that part of the day. It’s a rather large sacrifice to pull it off though. That will be another idea you will have to ponder on your own.

It’s good when you do it. Make no mistake. But it’s at the risk of missing out on a ton of great experiences throughout the day. Plus you risk that theme park fatigue we spoke about earlier.

The Last Spooky Tips

Ok, I know this is going to be a lot. And I also know this is at the risk of confusing you a bit, but I’m going to give you one more tip before we get into where we’re going to eat throughout this magical day of chills and thrills.

I told you all sorts of ways to beat the crowds and save some money. I’ve also told you how to maximize the experience by spending a little more than you might have planned.

Well, let’s squish this whole waiting in line thing or having to stay inside the wrong park all day.

There is something called The Scream Early Ticket that can get you past all of this stuff. For a mere $35.00 per person, you can get permission to enter the Universal Studios park, with an HHN ticket, of course, around 4 pm, and are then allowed to stay until the festivities begin at 6:30.

Why wouldn’t I want to do this one, you might ask? Well, that’s another $140.00 for our group of four, and it could definitely start to feel like we’re paying extra money around every corner.

The truth is, Universal has figured it all out. They offer a fantastic event, and all we really have to do is pay the admission fee of $79.00 to enjoy it.

But there are tiers of enjoyment that Universal has placed a value on. These tiers can literally change the experience for you. As I said before, they know what they have, and they also know exactly how to maximize profits.

That said, what you get for your dollar far exceeds most, if not all, other Halloween events out there.

Do you want to hear another one?

I’m not going to spend long on this tip; truth be told, I’ve never done it. I do know people who have, and they swear by it.

It’s a “once you know” type of experience. The type of experience that could very well ruin any other options for you.

The RIP Tour

This one is called The RIP tour! (a spooky little play on a VIP tour)

Let’s imagine having a designated guide to tour us around the park. Give us backstage access and historical factoids. And being escorted to the front of the line on every single haunted house, theme park attraction, and reserved seating at all of the shows.

That’s the RIP tour.

In addition to all of that. There is private access to the exclusive food and drink of the pre-tour reception at Cafe LaBamba and other spots as well. It’s quite the package, actually.

The RIP tour does add a significant cost, though. That’s the downside. It can cost as much as $399.99 per person and does not include your ticket to HHN.

So that’s about $1600.00 for our family of four in addition to the $320.00 we’re going to pay to get in the park at night.

If we do the math and start removing the Scream Early pass and the unlimited Express Pass, it does chip away at that cost, but let’s be real here. It’s a whole different level of expense to join the RIP tour.

The good news? I’ve never heard, even one time, that it wasn’t worth it. If it’s within your budget, I recommend giving it a go. I think I just might when I make it to my next Universal HHN.

Where to Eat

Islands Of Adventure

We are going to need to eat all throughout this excursion of ours. That’s obvious. But we have to ask ourselves a few questions before we do.

  • How much do we want to spend?
  • Decide how much time do we want to allot to eat in a theme park?
  • How good do we need the food to be?
  • Do we value experience over value?

Since we chose to spend the day at Islands of Adventure. I will give you a couple of really solid recommendations.

The first is for the experience and the quality. The number one restaurant in the whole park has got to be Mythos in the Lost Continent section of the park. The theming is exceptional and the experience and food are great.

This restaurant has won best theme park restaurant 8 or 9 times over the years. It’s got the goods.

While this is a little on the more expensive side, it’s not going to blow your doors off. I have found the prices to be reasonable for the sit-down atmosphere I was receiving.

Secondly, we’re going to jump on the secret gem of the entire park. That’s the Fire Eaters Grill. People walk right by this unassuming spot right in the same general Lost Continent area as Mythos.

It has a limited menu, but it’s always good. It’s always fast, and it’s just about as inexpensive as you’re going to find in the park. It has a menu of hummus w/ pita and kabobs all the way to chili cheese fries for $5.00. It’s an interesting place that I strongly recommend.

Between the Parks- City Walk

Between our day at Islands of Adventure and our night at Halloween Horror Nights, we have a choice to make. Head over to Moe’s Southwest or Burger King’s Whopper Bar to stuff something quick down our gullets. Or take some time to enjoy a dining experience that can only be found at Universal’s City Walk.

There is no shortage of options in the City Walk area of Universal Studios Orlando. Nestled right between the two massive theme parks. City Walk has everything from Bubba Gump Shrimp to Menchies frozen yogurt. To unique restaurants like the CowFish Sushi-Burger Bar or, my recommendation, The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, and Savory Feast Emporium.

Boy, that’s a mouthful right there. (pun intended)

This restaurant is arguably the most unique of all at Universal and is fun and delicious. With the large candy store up front, there is a theme of chocolate throughout. They even weave that ingredient into many of their savory dishes.

Warm chocolate almond bread appetizers and cocoa pork tenderloin sweeten up a robust menu packed with stellar options.

It’s not a good idea to leave without getting one of their incredible shakes, either. Those things are seriously unbelievable! I can honestly tell you this is where I’ve gotten the best shake of my life. And that’s saying something.

Universal Studios During The Event

While I recommend getting the food piece taken care of before you enter the Halloween event. Getting hungry while you’re there is possible. It happens.

My thought is to try and fill up so I don’t have to waste any time away from what I paid for. The haunted houses, rides, and ScareZones!

If we get hungry while we’re among the goblins and demons, there are a couple of solid staples I will let you know about.

First is Mel’s Drive-In er… um Mel’s DIE In. Excuse me. The burgers and fries here are always the same every time we go, and they’re good. Relatively quick and inexpensive, this is one we’ve chosen numerous times.

Another is kind of outside the fray a little bit. But if you’re planning to spend any time in Diagon Alley. The Leaky Cauldron is a really unique treat that can surely add some pizzazz to the whole experience.

There will be plenty of quick service spots open throughout the park. Stopping at Bone Chillin for a quick pretzel might be more of what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, you will have a very few issues while you’re there.

Wrap Up

So there ya have it. A whole bunch of possibilities to ponder at one of the world’s truly epic Halloween events. I can’t tell you whether or not any one specific plan will work for you and your needs. But it’s good to have options.

The one thing I will never go to an event like Halloween Horror Nights without is a plan. It’s the most important thing. Randomly poking around is not likely to produce the results you’re hoping for when you pony up the kind of money Universal requires.

Once you have a plan, try to stick to it as best you can. Trust your research and commit. My family likes to playfully call me the tyrant at theme parks. And I do understand. There’s a difference between stressfully dragging everyone along with your plan and having the plan as a foundation to lean on. If you are in Orlando visiting Walt Disney World during September or October be sure to check out HHN31.

Either way, you’re going to be blown away by the spectacle that is HHN31. I can almost guarantee it.

As long as you get out alive!!!!

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