There are so many things to do in San Antonio with kids! Here is our list of the top 5!


Exploring the Riverwalk is #1 on the list of things to do in San Antonio with kids!

The Riverwalk is such a unique and cool place. You can come and literally walk up and down the Riverwalk taking in the scenery, stop for ice cream, grab lunch, do some shopping. There is so much to do.

Eating lunch at one of the many restaurants on the Riverwalk was a great experience! The kids loved waving to all the passengers on the Riverwalk Barge.

We loved how the river literally is right there – like as in you or your kids could fall into it. So be aware and don’t have too many margaritas! But that also adds to the coolness and vibe of the whole experience.

Learn more about the Riverwalk:

Riverwalk Barge

We didn’t do the barge ride when we were there, but would love to come back to do it. You get on the boat and it takes you on a 30 minute ride on the river. It was a little expensive at $10 a person (with 4 kids that adds up!). But if you were coming with money to spend I would recommend it.

Learn more about the Riverboat:


We learned history and saw just a really cool fort on this thing to do in San Antonio with kids.

When in San Antonio you have to visit The Alamo! We were here during spring break (we didn’t mean to do that . . .) and it was crazy busy. But the cool thing was they had people in character out talking about guns and what life was like in the Alamo.

The kids loved learning about the weapons used to defend the Alamo.

Tip: There was a LONG line of people waiting to get into the church part of the Alamo. We skipped that part and instead walked straight in where we could walk the grounds, go into the museum, gift shop, etc. I obviously have nothing to compare with since we didn’t go into the church, but I do know when we left we didn’t feel like we had missed anything. So just an idea if you get there and there is a long line!

The Alamo turned out to be a pretty cool place to hang out and to learn a few things!

Learn more about the Alamo and check out the teacher handouts if you want to teach your kids about it before you go:

Brackenridge Park – Japanese Tea Garden

We weren't ready for the beauty of this Japanese Tea Garden when visiting Brackenridge Park in San Antonio with kids

The park is humongous and is home to the San Antonio Zoo. We didn’t go into the zoo, but instead went straight to the Tea Garden and it was so beautiful! They have a nice little cafe at the top so after walking around the gardens and looking at the huge fish we sat down to have a popsicle.

The tea garden boasts a huge emerald pond stocked with Coy fish.

They do have a train by the zoo that runs around the park. Had it not been spring break and so busy we totally would have done that. It is only a couple dollars per person and what kid doesn’t like a train ride!

The Block

The Block is a great place to visit in San Antonio with kids because there are several outdoor games to play as well as unbelievable food options

This is where I recommend you come for dinner with your family. It about an acre of land with a handful of food trucks, a bar, picnic tables, baggo, and room for the kids to run! It was perfect since each kid was able to pick what they wanted and Craig and I were able to get something different to try.

We ended up with 1 cheeseburger, 3 different kinds of pizza, an empanada, and a yummy vegetarian Indian/Mexican dish. Everyone was happy with their choices! When we were done we played a round of family baggo. They also have Jenga and connect four games that you can play at your table.

LuLu’s – 3lb Cinnamon Roll

This was probably the kids favorite place to visit in San Antonio. The cinnamon roll was delicious and we had enough left over for breakfast. Win-win!

We actually walked here from where we parked to see the Alamo. It wasn’t the best walk . . . but it was good to get our legs moving before and after enjoying this yummy cinnamon roll! It literally is 3 lbs and for a $1 extra you can get a whole cup of extra icing. I guess everything is bigger in Texas!

We braved a mile and a half walk on a hot Texas afternoon to get one of these behemoths of a treat.

You can either go in to sit down and order or order one to go and sit outside to eat it. It is on a busy street and right by the highway so this isn’t a scenic stop – it is a stop for a 3 lb cinnamon roll!! The good news is that you can also order one by mail from their website!

There you have it! Our top 5 things to do in San Antonio with kids. We really enjoyed San Antonio and I could see going down to the Riverwalk multiple times a week to try all of the different food choices. We ate sitting right on the river one afternoon and it was such a cool experience.

San Antonio RV Park

We stayed at the Traveler’s World RV Resort – it was nice – but more expensive then we normally pay at $40 a night. But it was just 15 minutes from the Riverwalk. For that reason it was worth it. They have a bus that you can pay for to take you down there and my parents rode their bike down a couple of times. So for it being that close to San Antonio’s main attractions it is worth it!

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