15 Christmas Tree Farms in Wisconsin Where You Can Cut Your Own Tree Down 2023

Sleigh rides and Christmas lights are fantastic ways to celebrate winter. However, the very first thing we like to do every holiday season is head to a Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin to choose and cut our very own Christmas tree. 

Kids walking with Craig looking at Christmas Tress in Wisconsin

Wondering which Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin is our favorite? We’ve listed 15 top choices below.

Southern Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farms

Craig cutting down our Christmas Tree at Sugar Creek Tree Farm

Sugar Creek Tree Farm

  • Location: Burlington, WI
  • Best known for: Scenic Wilderness Location
  • Cost: $50–$150 per tree
  • Open every day from the day after Thanksgiving thru Christmas Eve, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

This is a great place to go to walk among the 32 acres of trees and really get into the Christmas spirit! They provide 7 different kinds of trees. You can bring your own saw if you would like or they have saws you can use when you are there.

We walked back and forth among the trees for a good 20 minutes before we found “the one”! Once we were done we took it to the front and they were able to bail it so it was easier to put it in the back of our truck and get it in the house.

The kids also liked getting hot chocolate or hot apple cider when we were done.

Learn more about Sugar Creek Tree Farm here.

The farm is located here:

Miller’s Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: Rio, WI
  • Best known for: Roasted chestnuts
  • Cost: $7–$9 per foot
  • Open daily 9 am-5 pm weekend before Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

We highly recommend wandering the trails through the woods and around the ponds during your visit to Miller’s Christmas Tree Farm. The scenery is amazing, and spending time in this winter wonderland is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. 

Once you find the perfect tree and finish exploring, head into the gift shop to warm up with a free cup of hot cider or cocoa. If you visit on the weekend, you might even get to see Santa!

The real trees on this farm include Fraser, balsam, Canaan, three types of pine, and two types of spruce. You can choose to cut your own varieties of Christmas tree or pick from the cut trees lined up for customers to browse. Either way, tree shaking and baling are included in the price of your tree.

Learn more about Miller’s Christmas Tree Farm here!

Where is it:

Miller's Christmas Tree Farm

Tannenbaum Acres

  • Location: Janesville, WI
  • Best known for: U-cut or pre-cut for easy shopping
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Open:
    • Thanksgiving Day 8am-noon
    • Nov. 24 8am-5pm
    • Sat and Sun 8am-5pm
    • Mon 1pm-5pm
    • Tue and Wed closed
    • ​Thur and Fri 1pm-5pm

Real Christmas trees are abundant at Tannenbaum Acres. Here you can choose from balsam fir, Fraser fir, Canaan fir, scotch pine, white pine, and spruce trees. Some are pre-cut trees, and others you can cut yourself. With so many to pick from, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday centerpiece for your family’s home. 

After you choose and cut the perfect tree, be sure to check out some of the other items this farm offers. Wreaths, garlands, boughs, kissing balls, tree ornaments, and more can be purchased to enhance your holiday decor, and hot chocolate and other refreshments are available for purchase. 

For even more fun, be sure to visit the animals on the farm and take a hayride before you go!

Learn more about Tannenbaum farms here!

Map of where it is in Wisconsin:

Cooks’ Woods

  • Location: Fennimore, WI
  • Best known for: Handmade decor
  • Cost: $35 – $75 a tree
  • Open:
    • We’ll be open for tree and greenery sales November 18th through December 23rd every day, including Thanksgiving Day, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Those looking for a simpler yet still magical holiday experience will appreciate Cooks’ Woods. Located in the Wisconsin countryside, the drive to get to this tree farm is absolutely beautiful, and the walk to choose the ideal tree is equally lovely. 

Six different kinds of Christmas trees can be found here, making it easy to find one that works well for you. Additionally, balsam wreaths and garlands are available. If you like, a custom-shaped wreath (such as a tree wreath or a candy cane wreath) is also possible. These are great for adding even more Christmas magic to your home. 

Cooks’ Woods is open daily from the end of November through December 23rd from 9 am until 5:30 pm.

Learn more about Cooks’ Woods here!

Map of where the tree farm is in Wisconsin:

Cooks' Woods Christmas Tree farm in Wisconsin

Capaul’s Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: Waunakee, WI
  • Best known for: Over 35 years of traditions
  • Cost: $65–$90
  • Tree sales begin 11/22

Capaul’s Christmas Tree Farm has been selling fresh-cut trees to Wisconsin locals for over 35 years. Grab a cup of hot apple cider, wander the fields of Fraser fir, white pine, and scotch pine trees, and find a tree that fits perfectly into your home. 

After you’ve picked up your tree, head to the gift shop to pick out some ornaments for your tree and decor for your home. Handmade wreaths are available, as are a number of other shining and sparkling things that’ll bring magic to your space.

At the end of the day, the staff at this Wisconsin tree farm are happy to shake and bale your tree and help you load it onto your car for the trip home.

Learn more about Capaul’s Christmas Tree Farm here!

Where is the farm in Wisconsin:

Capauls Christmas Tree Farm

Hann’s Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: Oregon, WI
  • Best known for: Play area and Santa visits
  • Cost: $45–$630, depending on size and type
  • Open: 9am-5pm, November 1-December 24 (including Thanksgiving).

Those planning to make family runs to pick out a tree this holiday season should consider Hann’s Christmas tree farm. Because of the awesome play area and fun Santa visits, this is the perfect farm to visit with kids. Families also love the popcorn, apple cider, and live wreath-making in the warm barn during Saturday and Sunday visits. 

This farm has a variety of cut-your-own and pre-cut tree options, including Colorado blue spruce, balsam fir, Fraser fir, Canaan fir, white pine, and scotch pine. Fresh wreaths are available as well, and a well-stocked gift shop offers a number of other goodies. 

This Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin is open daily from 9 am–5 pm, beginning November 1st and ending on Christmas Eve.

Learn more about Hann’s Christmas Tree Farm here!

Where is the farm:

Hanns Christmas Tree Farm

Summers Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: Middleton, WI
  • Best known for: Pet-friendly
  • Cost: $80
  • Open:
    • Open Daily 8am-5pm
    • Friday after Thanksgiving – December 23
    • 8am-12pm December 24
    • Get there by 4pm to cut down your own tree

Despite their name, the Summers family is all about Christmas. Since 1950, this family has been growing Christmas trees and sharing their holiday cheer with the community, and they’re still at it today. 

Here, you can cut Christmas trees of your own or choose a pre-cut option from the onsite tree lot. Either way, you’ll have several types to choose from, including douglas fir, scotch pine, Colorado blue spruce, white spruce, and more. Wreaths, boughs, garlands, and decorations are also available. 

We recommend visiting on the weekend so you can enjoy hot apple cider and apple brats from Appleberry Farm. Both are delicious ways to warm up after hunting down a tree.

Learn more about Summers Christmas Tree Farm here!

The farm is located here:

Summers Christmas Tree Farm location

Northern Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farms

The family out looking for a Christmas tree to cut down.

St. Croix Valley Trees

NOTE: Reservation Required!!! Learn more about the St. Croix Vally Trees reservation process for 2023 here.

  • Location: Somerset, WI
  • Best known for: Historic farm
  • Cost: $29**–$96 for a 7–8 foot tree
  • Open hours:
    • Before Thanksgiving
      • November 18 and 19 — 9 am to 4pm
    • After Thanksgiving
      • November 24, 25, 26 — 9 am to 4 pm
      • December 2, 3 — 9 am to 4 pm   
      • December 9, 10 — 9 am to 4 pm   
      • December 16, 17 — 9 am to 4 pm (pending tree availability)
    • Weekdays after Nov 26th
      • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 11am to 4pm
      • Monday-Tuesday: CLOSED

** This is posted on their site: Please know, if you have had a tough year and need to save some money for Christmas presents, we have a tree for you. Just ask for Paul, Sherrill, or Shawn.  And all Norway Pine, any size, are just $29.

Another place that is chock-full of family fun, St. Croix Valley Trees is a favorite of many Wisconsin families. A children’s play area with climbing structures, slides and tons of magical touches keeps little ones entertained. Meanwhile, the special treats—like deep fried Vanilla Wafers and Oreos, along with a cup of free cider—will put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Eight types of trees are available at St. Croix Valley Trees. Guests can choose from a selection of pre-cut trees, but we recommend you find a Christmas tree you adore and cut it on your own. Hand saws are provided for this purpose. 

This is the kind of Christmas tree farm you’ll likely return to year after year. Therefore, if you’re looking for a family tradition, this might just be the spot for you!

Click here to learn more about St Croix Valley Trees

Map of where it is in Wisconsin:

Location of St Croix Valley Cut your own Christmas tree in Wisconsin

Curvue Hideaway + Trees

  • Location: Eau Claire, WI
  • Best known for: Enormous selection
  • Open: November 1-December 17, 202 – Trees available beginning Nov. 11th.
    • Sunday 11am – 4pm
    • Mon – Thur 10am – 5pm
    • Fri – Sat 10am – 6pm

Looking to get away from the busyness of everyday life and immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas for a bit? If so, Curvue Hideaway + Trees is the place for you! Here, guests can take wagon rides to the tree fields and wander a winter wonderland as they let their cares drift away. 

Trees here include balsam and Fraser fir trees, and wreaths and porch pots are made onsite. Shearing and baling are included in the price of your tree, and the staff will even drill your tree for the Answer Tree Stand if you like.

The gift shop is cozy and comfortable, offering families a lovely way to warm up after looking for the perfect tree. It’s also stocked with a number of wonderful gift options from local artisans, meaning you can support local craftspeople and businesses and get your Christmas shopping done all in one fell swoop!

Learn more about Curvue Hideaway + Trees here!

Map of where it is:

Curvue Tree Farm and Gardens map location

Pleasant Valley Tree Farm

  • Location: Elk Mound, WI
  • Best known for: Free hot beverages
  • Open: Daily Hours starting November 18th – December 23rd

Pleasant Valley is “Western Wisconsin’s Premier Family Outing”. This tree farm has all kinds of holiday family fun to offer and is the perfect place to kick off the Christmas season. 

The Winter Wonderland at this farm consists of a Living Nativity, a cute and cozy Country Store, and plenty of holiday lights that cast a warm glow on the whole scene once the evening rolls around. Be sure to enjoy a free cup of hot chocolate or apple cider and some popcorn as you take it all in.

As far as trees go, you’ll find a good selection of pine, spruce, and fir trees in a variety of sizes at this Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin. This means finding the right tree for you will be a cinch.

Learn more about Pleasant Valley Tree Farm here!

Where is it located in Wisconsin:

Map of Tree Farm

Aissen Tree Farm

  • Location: Pilsen, WI
  • Best known for: Gingerbread playhouse
  • Open: Open Daily starting Nov. 18th 9am – 4:30pm until sold out
    • Thanksgiving Day: CLOSED
    • Christmas Day: CLOSED

This Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin is another fantastic pick for families with kids. The onsite gift shop contains thousands of ornaments and hundreds of gifts, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy a good bit of shopping while your kids have a blast in the indoor gingerbread playhouse. Of course, the whole family will appreciate the free hot beverages that are offered to all shoppers. 

On the weekends, visitors will be greeted by the Grinch himself, and Santa makes frequent visits throughout the week. On top of all that, Santa’s reindeer are available for meet-and-greets on select weekends. 

Don’t forget to get a tree while you’re there! A variety of trees are available, and you can choose from pre-cut or cut-your-own options. Additionally, there are colored tree options, meaning you can add a burst of color to your holiday decor this year!

Learn more about Aissen Tree Farm here!

Where is it located:

Map of where Aissen Tree Farm is

Newby’s Evergreen Farms

  • Location: Wausau, WI
  • Best known for: Supporting “Trees for Troops”
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Open: Fridays and weekends starting the day after Thanksgiving!

Want to support a great charity when you buy your Christmas tree this year? Head to Newby’s Evergreen Farms, a local farm that supports Trees for Troops. You can offer a donation to the cause, but even just supporting the farm is helpful. 

During your visit, you can take a wagon ride into the tree fields. From there, wander the rows of beautiful Christmas trees to choose the perfect evergreen for your home. Hand saws are available for cutting, and the staff are happy to help cut and shake your tree and attach it to your vehicle. 

To warm up after cutting your tree, gather around the toasty bonfire and visit with fellow tree-seekers while enjoying a free cup of coffee. Make sure to grab a free coloring book and candy cane for the kids too!

Learn more about Newby’s Evergreen Farms here!

Where is it located:

Map of Chirstmas tree farm

Holiday Creek Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: Plover, WI
  • Best known for: “Thomas the Tank Engine”-like tram
  • Cost: unknown
  • Open – the day after Thanksgiving

A beautiful farm and the ideal place for young train lovers, Holiday Creek Christmas Tree Farm is lots of fun for everyone. 

Kids love Tommy the Train, an adorable tram that is made to look a whole lot like a famous train we all know and love. This train offers rides throughout the season and is the highlight of the year for many youngsters. Make sure you catch a ride while enjoying some of Grandma’s special hot cocoa.

Trees include balsam fir and Fraser fir varieties, and families love the option to choose and cut their own. Shaking and baling are included in the price of your tree, making this a fantastic value. 

Other fun activities on the farm include a photo opportunity with an antique sleigh, visits from a snowman friend, and marshmallow roasting around a campfire.

Learn more about Holiday Creek Christmas Tree Farm here!

Where is it located:

Map of where Holiday Cree Tree farm is

Waite’s Fraser Farm

  • Location: Clintonville, WI
  • Best known for: Wreaths and other decor
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Opens day after Thanksgiving

A wonderful family business offering gorgeous Christmas greenery to the community, Waite’s Fraser Farm is friendly, fun, and waiting for you this holiday season. 

As the name suggests, this farm grows Fraser fir trees, and they have plenty to go around. The staff is happy to help you find a tree if you like, and they will even help you haul it to your car. 

On top of the gorgeous trees, absolutely lovely wreaths are handmade onsite at this farm and can be specially ordered for pick-up. That said, we recommend stopping in, browsing the available greenery, and picking up a pretty tree all in a single trip.

Learn more about Waite’s Fraser Farm here!

Where is it located:

Wild Rose Choose and Cut – ANR Tree Farm

  • Location: Wild Rose, WI
  • Best known for: Lots of freebies
  • Cost: $48–$99
  • Open
    • November 11-12, 18-19, 24-26, 30
    • December 1-3, 7-10, 14-17
    • Hours: 9am to 4pm

Looking for Christmas fun on a budget? At the Wild Rose ANR Tree Farm, free trailer rides, free boughs, and free refreshments all make for a whole lot of fun at a very low price. 

White spruce, white pine, concolor fir, balsam fir, and Fraser fir trees are available in a variety of sizes. Free tree shaking is an option, and baling is offered for a fee, making it easier to get your tree home. 

People love the ornament store where they can browse a huge number of decorations for their newly purchased trees. Returning customers can present a special card to receive a free ornament.

Learn more about Wild Rose Choose And Cut – ANR Tree Farm here!

Where is it located:

Map of where the tree farm is in Wisconsin

Whispering Pines Tree Farm

  • Location: Oconto, WI
  • Best known for: Interactive reindeer
  • Cost: $3.95 for pre-cut table trees, $9.95–$39.95 for pre-cut bargain trees, $39–$73 for cut-your-own trees
  • Open: Nov. 24-Dec 20 from 9 am – 4:30 pm

Not just a tree farm, Whispering Pines offers a large number of attractions. No matter what your age, you’re sure to find something that ignites your holiday spirit while visiting this Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin. 

Two train friends offer rides to families throughout the weekend, and photos with Santa are available during the Christmas season. Perhaps the most amazing attraction of all is the singing and talking interactive reindeer which delights kids and adults alike year after year. 

4 types of trees are available and can be found in all different shapes and sizes. There are even tiny tabletop trees for those who have a limited amount of space or would like to spread Christmas cheer throughout the house.

Learn more about Whispering Pines Tree Farm here!

Where is it located:

Map of where Whispering Pines Tree Farm is

Christmas Tree Farms in Wisconsin

Sure, you could probably find such tree farms in most states, but there’s something special about the tree farms up north. They are cold, often snowy, and just feel like Christmas. This is why we prefer the tree farms of the Badger State. 

If you are searching for, ‘Where can I find the best Christmas Tree Farms near me?’ — we’ve got you covered!

As you can see, finding a fantastic local Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin is never a problem. Choose one from this list and get ready for an absolutely amazing family outing that’ll kick off your holiday season perfectly and provide memories that will last for years to come.

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Looking for a choose and cut Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin? Choose from this list of tree farm options to add joy to your holiday season.

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