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18 Magnificent Things To Do In Milwaukee You Have To Try

18 Magnificent Things To Do In Milwaukee You Have To Try

There are so many fun, free and unexpected things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the things I love about the city is that it is a small big city. It is by no means the size of Chicago, but that is what is so cool about it. You can visit some amazing museums, attractions and restaurants but they aren’t as busy or crazy as big city attractions.

Here is where we recommend visiting with your family in Milwaukee.

The Discovery Center is one of the best things to do in Milwaukee

Discovery World

This is a hands on science museum where you and the kids will learn a ton and also have a lot of fun. Sometimes you go to hands on museums and nothing works. That is NOT the case with Discovery World. Instead they have multiple workers there to make sure machines are working and to help if they are not.

We really liked the Great Lakes area that talked about the Great Lakes while also having a simulated storm where the windows closed, rain fell and you could hear the thunder and see lightning. Don’t worry, it doesn’t rain where you are standing.

We also enjoyed the virtual reality attraction where the kids (who were 10, 7, 7 and 5) could put on the headset and experience the underwater virtual reality experience. There was also a really cool flight simulator where the kids learned how to land a plane.

There is so much more to do and we could have spent all day here exploring each of the floors and pushing buttons and pulling knobs all day long! They also have food on site and a really cool store – which you shouldn’t go into if you don’t want to buy anything.

If the weather is cooperating there is also a cool walkway around the museum that gives an amazing view of Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee.

Milwaukee County Zoo

We have been to quite a few zoos around the US and the Milwaukee Zoo still remains at the top of the list. They have a great selection of animals to see and a lot of them you can view indoors and outdoors so you can go year round.

They also have a nice playground area for the kids and one of our kids favorite things the train. Which takes you on a ride through the zoo. Then when you are done you can head over to the carousel for a ride.

If you are looking for some action they also offer a ropes course which we have not tried yet. Plus the Sky Safari which takes you on a ride over the zoo and some of the animals habitats.

Be sure to check the schedule for Kohl’s Wild Theatre and the animal feeding schedule. We have fed the giraffes and it is always a fun time!

The Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the great things to do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Art Museum

We didn’t last long – the kids are still just to curious and want to touch everything . . . but the things we did do were really fun and we want to go back. Plus kids are free so that is always good.

They have a hands on area where we built paper structures and also did paper weaving. Then one of our favorite things was renting out different activities at the activities desk.

You can choose through a variety of things like a kit with a painting on it. You then go to the painting and follow the instructions in the kit.

Our favorite thing was getting the large pieces of fabric and going to the art work and striking a pose in the fabric in front of the artwork. It was so cool and fun!

The architecture of the Art Museum building is breathtaking in itself and well worth taking a walk around the outside of the building and also taking a minute to look at the building from the inside.

Make sure to check out tips on how to make an art museum trip successful with kids!

Milwaukee Public Museum

You could spend all day exploring the multiple floors of this museum. You can learn about anthropology, botany, geology, history, zoology and more! We always have fun as a family walking through the museum and seeing what we can find.

One of our favorite exhibits to visit is the European Village. It is a recreated village from around the early 1900’s and actually has shops you can walk in and a few of them you can buy things – like candy that may have been around during that time.

The rainforest is another exhibit where you walk through and feel like you could actually be in the rainforest. I love when you have a more interactive experience like that.

They also have the butterfly experience, bugs alive, animals and dinosaurs. Can you see how you could spend a whole day here!

If you're looking for the best things to do in Milwaukee, check out the Harley Davidson Museum

Harley Davidson Museum

We aren’t big Harley Davidson fans but it was still cool to walk through this museum that is filled with history on the motorcycles and is such a big part of Milwaukee.

The kids area was a big win with our kids where they could get dressed up and sit on a motorcycle their size that made noises and sounded like they were driving down the road. They also had a few touch screens where you could design your own motorcycle.

Our families favorite part was trying out a variety of motorcycles. You can’t touch most of the motorcycles but in the back there is a section where you can try out and site on about 10 different motorcycles and see which one you would like. You can also get your picture taken here with a cool background.

Betty Brinn

If your kids are under 10 years old be sure to make time to stop at Betty Brinn. It is a really nice smaller sized children’s museum that has a variety of activities for kids.

Our favorite is always the grocery store, post office, auto shop section that has multiple setups like this were you can do make believe play. I have to admit I have fun playing with the kids here too!

They also have special exhibits that change every few months, a stage area, art/maker area and different programs and events.

Also, check out how to save big money with a reciprocal museum membership!

Beer tasting is definitely one of the top things to do in Milwaukee and Sprecher has some of the best.

Sprecher Brewery Tour

Yes, I am recommending a brewery tour with kids Milwaukee, WI is the brew city so it makes sense to do one. The tour part itself is pretty short and no matter what it is I think it is so cool to see the process of how things go from the factory to ready to be sent to the shelves.

The best part is the all you can drink soda at the end of the tour and the 4 beers the parents can get. They have a variety of different sodas and the kids can walk right up to ask for refills or to try a different flavor.

They also have games that you can play as a family. We always have a great time with our family when we go to a brewery together!

The Beach

No this isn’t Florida, but Lake Michigan is still beautiful and if the weather is nice a beach day in Milwaukee is a lot of fun! The sand is perfect for sand castle building and the water is fun to splash around in. We have spend many a summer day at the beaches of Lake Michigan. Add it to your list of things to do in Milwaukee!

Historic Pabst Brewery

Hey it is historic so yes another brewery tour is on the list with your family. The building is amazing and the tour will give you more history on the city of Milwaukee and beer which do go hand in hand.

Sporting Events

With Milwaukee being a small big city it is a great place to see professional sports since it isn’t as crazy as going to a big city to see an event. Parking is pretty easy and there are restaurants within walking distance of most venues. The games are fun and offer a great atmosphere to really enjoy the city and the people.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Miller Park baseball stadium is a little outside of downtown which is nice since it is easier to get in and out of the stadium. There is a TGI Friday’s restaurant that is in the stadium so you can eat during a game (may be hard to get seats) or else go on a day when there isn’t a game and you can eat there and look out over the stadium.

Milwaukee Bucks

The venue is located in downtown Milwaukee so get there early and walk somewhere for dinner before heading over to the game. You can usually get really good priced tickets and get them the same day as the game assuming they aren’t having an amazing season or isn’t the playoffs.

Visiting the local restaurants is one of the great things to do in Milwaukee


Milwaukee is filled with a variety of restaurants from super fancy to kid friendly. Here are a few that we checked out when we were there.

AJ Bombers

There are a few of these throughout the city. It is a unique restaurant with yummy comfort food and good drinks. We really enjoyed the hash-brown options.

The coolest thing about the restaurant were the peanut dropping bombers! Seriously so cool. They launch a bomber from the bar and it hits your table and drops peanuts down a shoot right onto your table.

The kids (and Craig and I too) thought it was so cool. Plus after you eat the peanuts you can throw the shells on the ground. Of course the kids loved that.

Holey Moley Donuts

Donuts! As you know we love checking out donut places all over the US so we were excited to see what Holey Moley Donuts was all about. They didn’t disappoint. They have a variety of different flavors and kinds like pistachio, red velvet and turtle. YUMMY! A great way to start our day.

Cafe Hollander

We visited the one in Tosa and it was a great family place. The kids meals were very reasonably priced and they got a lot of food. Plus there was a great selection of beers for us to choose from. Are you seeing the beer trend here 🙂 we like to search out donuts and beers when we go to a new location!

The streets of Tosa were so cute that I wish we would have gotten here earlier in the day so we could explore when it was light out.

Purple Door Ice Cream

If you are looking for good local ice cream then Purple Door Ice Cream is the place for you! They offer a variety of fun and unique flavors – beer and pretzel flavor anyone? Or how about campfire? I love when ice cream places comes up with unique flavors.

If you want more when you are done with your cone you can always get a pint to go. Purple Door Ice Cream is committed to using local ingredients as often as possible and has done a great job within their community by creating Milk for Milwaukee which is a program that works to provide fresh milk to homeless shelters around Milwaukee.

Historic Third Ward

I love how around the country cities are taking old warehouse spaces and turning them into these amazing locations where you can find local shops, dining, and experiences. There’s no doubt visiting the Historic Third Ward made the list of things to do in Milwaukee.

Inside the historic third ward you will find the nationally acclaimed Milwaukee Public Market which features a variety of unique and delicious local food. You will have to come back here more then once to experience all the amazing options!

If live music is what you are looking for be sure to check out the Milwaukee Ale House. Which is a riverfront brewpub with great beer and food and live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Make sure to also check out the Milwaukee River and take a walk on the Riverwalk ( for amazing views and food options.

Brady Street

Looking to check out more of Milwaukee then head to Brady Street. Up and down the street you will find shops, restaurants and get a feel of the midwest atmosphere of Milwaukee. You will find shops, fun nightlife, ethnic cuisine and coffee shops you will want to hang out in for a few hours.

By no means is this list complete as there are more things to do in Milwaukee than you can imagine. If we missed and must do’s, let us know in the comments below!

If you stay in Milwaukee during the summer be sure to check out: Green Meadows Farm with your family and Wisconsin Dells.

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