Things To Do In Nashville - playing guitar at music city hall of fame

29 Absolutely Enjoyable Things To Do In Nashville

There are so many fun and cool things to do in Nashville, TN! There are great tours, museums, restaurants, and food. You could spend days exploring everything this city has to offer. With so much to choose from it can be hard to decide what things to do in Nashville, Tennessee. Below we share the …

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Florida Road Trip: 31 Amazing Places You Won’t Want To Miss

Florida is the perfect family road trip destination. The state is huge and has so much to offer from white sandy beaches to springs to Disney World! Our Ultimate Florida Road Trip will take you from one end of the state down around and back up to the Florida panhandle. You’ll see the Atlantic Coast and …

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15 Amazing Things To Do In Minneapolis With Kids

When we think of Minneapolis, we automatically think of Mall of America. What we learned on our last trip is the Minneapolis area has so much more than just the Mall! We were pleasantly surprised by all the outdoor activities that they had and the amazing museums. There were a lot of great things to …

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25 Fun And Exciting Things To Do In Chicago With Kids

There are so many fun things to do in Chicago with kids it can be hard to decide what to do! Here is our list of things that will be fun for the kids and parents on your visit to Chicago along with where to eat and where to stay. From the museums on the Chicago …

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New Orleans Plantation

The Best New Orleans Plantation Tours To Take With Kids

There are a lot of New Orleans Plantation Tours to choose from. But having kids with us we knew we could only do a couple before they hit their limit. We talked to locals in the area and lined up what seemed to be the best Plantation tours to do with kids. Oak Alley We …

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Amazing Things To Do At Mall Of America With Kids

You may hear the word “mall” and imagine a bunch of shops and people and think whats the big deal about a mall? Let us tell you the Mall of America (in Bloomington, MN) is so much more than just a mall. It is a true experience and a great family travel destination. The Mall …

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9 Outstanding Places to Visit with Kids in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is filled with awesome things to do with kids! From parks to bike trails and National Historic Sites Atlanta has a lot to offer! Don’t miss all the yummy food options too!  1. Centennial Park Right in the heart of downtown Atlanta sits a 21 acre park. The park was built for the 1996 …

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Car getting packed up for your road trip.

31 Road Trip Essentials You Don’t Want To Leave Home Without

If your wanderlust has you seeking an escape to get out and explore new or favorited destinations, but you’re not quite sure about air travel yet, then a long road trip might be just what you need! Before you pack up the car though, you’ll definitely want to check out our list of 30 Road …

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