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The Escape Game Is A Unique And Awesome Activity [Discount Included]

The Escape Game Is A Unique And Awesome Activity [Discount Included]

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Before going to The Escape Game in Chicago with our 4 kids (10, 7, 7 and 5) I was concerned that it wouldn’t be a good fit for them. I WAS WRONG!! Escape the room games are perfect and fun for the whole family. The escape room games are designed for intense cooperation which is a great activity for families.

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How It Works

To start let me explain what the interactive adventure of The Escape Game is. They put up to 8 people in a room then it is all about finding and solving the clues within sixty minutes. If you do you get to “escape” the room. Take longer then 60 minutes and you lose.

Are Kids Welcome

When we visited the staff made us and the kids feel so welcomed which was awesome. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be happy that we had kids there or not. Again I was totally wrong and they were delighted that we were there.

Getting Started

We visited The Escape Game in Chicago. The game master (he was called something like that) took us to the room and brought us in. We had no idea what to expect. To be honest it looked a little bit like the play areas at the children’s museums we have been to. It had a fake tree with fake animals and plants and a wood house. . . . but in reality the room is a fun interactive game!

The experience started with the game master showing us a video that explained the story behind why we were trying to find the gold and also some instructions on how the process worked. He then showed us the green button to push if we did have to leave the room for any reason, good to know we weren’t really locked in there!

He had mentioned we could ask for 3 clues. Beyond that any clue we asked for would add 15 minutes to our time. Only 3 . . . Let’s see what happens!

Playing The Game

Photo credit: The Escape Game

We got our first clue and we were lost. Like had no clue what to do but eventually we started figuring out what different things meant and started seeing things that we hadn’t seen before. Then our helpful game master kept sending through suggestions on the TV monitor. Like hey what about this . . . or did you think about that? VERY HELPFUL!

We finally got the first clue and the kids were involved in the whole process – trying to help us find the clues and pieces and then opening the locks and reading the next clues. It was a great family activity to all work together to try to solve the clues and beat the clock!

Throughout the whole game there were a lot of cool surprises like shooting a bb gun at targets to find the numbers for the lock. Plus our favorite a secret door that opened up! Everyone worked hard together including our 5 year old. And when I told our 7 year old to open the canteen and dump the water out to see if a clue was in there . . . to only find out we need to pump the water to get a clue. Our Game master stopped the game came in the room and refilled the water.

At the end we finished with only using 3 clues and with 10 minutes to spare and we were so excited as a family that we had done it! I asked our game master if they always feed additional suggestions or clues throughout the experience and he said Yes. Wasn’t sure if it was just because of the kids (and if it had been that would have been good too – since it really helped and kept the game going).

Your Prize

When we came out we all got stickers that said I Escaped! We had so much fun and everyone still talks about how we can’t wait to do it again. If you have kids go to one of the many Escape Game locations around the country. We have only done the Gold Rush game so I can definitely recommend that one. If you want to try a different one just ask when you call to book to see what they would recommend or take a look at the different room options online.

Tips On The Game

You really don’t need any special knowledge to solve the puzzles. It isn’t a trivia game instead the answers are all right there you just have to find them. It really is for people of all ages and skill levels and a great activity to do with friends, families and coworkers.

You must move quickly before the time runs out. And the challenges you must solve within sixty minutes are completed by finding hidden objects, figure out the clues then earn your freedom and escape!

It is an adventure game designed for intense cooperation and working together so it is also perfect for a quality team building exercise. Special events can be organized for team building and you can have your birthday at escape the room. How cool is that?!

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The Escape Game has locations in 7 Cities: Nashville, Chicago, Minneapolis, Orlando, Pigeon Forge, Austin and Dallas. Click below to learn more and to book your escape game!

The Escape Game Nashville, TN
The Escape Game Orlando, FL
The Escape Game Pigeon Forge, TN
The Escape Game Austin, TX 
The Escape Game Chicago, IL
The Escape Game Dallas, TX
The Escape Game Minneapolis, MN


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Looking for a fun and unique family activity? Check out Escape Games! Escape the room games are perfect and fun for the whole family. The escape game is designed for intense cooperation which is a great activity for families.

*Thank you to The Escape Game for inviting us to come try one of their games. All opinions are our own #truth.


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