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Waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls!

I could not wait to visit the waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls!! There is something about waterfalls that intrigues me. I always thought it would be awesome to swim in a crystal clear pool of water with a waterfall behind you – that you could swim under and behind. I never […]

Full Time Travel, Michigan

Boondocking at Walmart

We left for Michigan on a Friday – after Craig got home from work. We planned on boondocking at a Walmart for Friday night. No Walmart is not a brushy area – but you get the idea! It actually works out really great! Almost all Walmart’s offer this service and all […]

Unschooling Adventure

Unschooling – Socialization

Socialization . . . where to begin 🙂 Yes we were concerned when we first started talking about homeschooling and now were not. One of our main reasons for homeschooling is that our families relationship and time together was more important than anything else. We socialize all day long with each […]


Michigan – here we come!

This is our first week long trip with our class A RV (and without a house). We took a weekend trip a few weeks ago and it helped prepare us :)! We took the week preparing our bikes to go on the back of the RV. We originally planned on […]