12 Fun things to do in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

In our endless quest to visit all the National Parks in the United States, we recently visited the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, in western North Dakota. Theodore Roosevelt is a well known figure on the National Park scene, so it is only fitting that there is a park named after him. Better yet, …

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Best RVers Gifts

Best Gifts for RV Owners – 43 Gifts They Will Love

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a holiday, or simply being friends, giving gifts is always a fun thing to do. That said, finding the best gifts for RV owners can be incredibly difficult. This is because those who take RV road trips already have all of the most important RV accessories. On top of that, …

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Horseshoe Bend

12 Epic Things To Do In Page, AZ

Last time we were in northern Arizona we missed visiting the city of Page, and we were excited to come back and check it out, especially after hearing so many amazing things to do in Page, AZ.  We were not disappointed! From kayaking and paddle-boarding to canyon hikes and amazing views, there are amazing things …

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Things To do in Moab - Arches National park

21 Fun and Exciting Things to do in Moab

Moab, Utah is definitely one of the coolest places we’ve visited. It has such a scenic landscape and so many outdoor adventures available. Free dry camping is abundant in this area, as are campgrounds and RV parks with all the amenities you could want. Best of all, Moab is near two incredibly cool national parks, …

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Best portable hammock stand

Best Portable Hammock Stand

A portable hammock stand is a fun accessory to add to your camping or RV gear! With a stand you don’t have to worry about being by a tree or somewhere you can hook your hammock up. You will also be surprised how easy it is to pack and store. Here we go the best …

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Podcast Episode 11 - 2020 Recap and BOOK launch!!

CFA 11 – 2020 Recap and BOOK launch!! 📘📘[Podcast]

In this episode, we talk about how we transitioned to a full time traveling family. We also talk about our timeline for transitioning to the full time lifestyle and how we transitioned to remote work. You’ll see why freedom is addicting and we will show you how to get more of it!

40+ Helpful Tips For Planning An RV Trip

We have been living, working and traveling full time in an RV for the last 6 years with 4 kids. Below we share what we have learned as full time RVers to help you with planning an RV trip.