Hiking With Kids

15 Tips For Hiking With Kids

We have gone on hikes over 6 miles long with our 4 kids under 9 years old and these hiking with kids tips have helped make them fun for all of us!

Tips For A Successful Trip To An Art Museum With Kids

We recently wrote a post about places to avoid with kids. We mentioned things like places you needed to be quiet or places you had to wait in line. One of the places we mentioned was art museums and how we wouldn’t recommend visiting an Art Museum with kids. As we stated in the post, …

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Avoid when traveling with kids

Places To Avoid When Traveling With Kids

When traveling with kids, we are firm believers that you can go and do pretty much everything you could do without kids. However, we definitely have a list of things we avoid or take a lot of time preparing and planning to keep the situation under control. Plus, we also set very different expectations on how …

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Top 5 Family Travel Games

Vacations are a great time to explore new places, sit by the beach, swim in the pool, and just relax. They are also a great time to reconnect as a family and one of the simplest and least expensive ways to do that is by playing games together as a family. Over the years we’ve …

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Why You Should Put Your Kids In Charge For An Amazing Family Trip

Planning a family trip is not an easy thing to do. There are tons of different options out there, so how the heck to you choose? We have found that the best trips are the ones that include a good amount of down time along with exploring new places. Here are our tips to help …

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The Magic Word To Deepen Your Family Bond

The number one word to use to strengthen your family bond is such an easy word, yet so hard to use at times. It is a word, but it is also a mindset. A mindset around valuing your children’s desires and supporting them. I am sure you are wondering what the word is. Here is …

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