Things you learn when downsizing and moving into an RV

Things you learn after moving into an RV Things I use to think I couldn’t live without: – Cable with DVR – to be able to watch what I wanted when I wanted – A dishwasher – A large washer and dryer – A large finished basement for a playroom – A garage – Multiple bedrooms …

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Roller Coaster Ride

To date this journey has been one roller coaster ride! The excitement around pursuing this amazing life has been crazy and fun and so exciting! Then on the other hand there have been lot’s of hard and emotional times. Don’t we all just wish we could go back to that pure bliss of excitement you …

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August 30th thru September 6th

Our week. We started the weekend off by celebrating Carson’s Birthday. One of the kids concerns when we left the house was how we were going to celebrate their birthdays. They were use to having huge birthday parties at our house so they weren’t sure how it was now going to work. We did Carson’s …

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Rainy Days in an RV

Rainy days in an RV can be interesting to say the least! The amount of space we have is limited and everyone likes to be close to me and each other – so it isn’t like people disappear to their bed to read a book or watch a movie by themselves yet (I know the …

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RV Laundry

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry . . . the never-ending task! With 6 people in the family we have a decent amount of laundry. At the house I had a really nice front loading washer and dryer. But it never felt like I could get caught up on the laundry! In the RV I have a mini Front Loading …

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Why are we doing this? It really comes down to one thing. We want to spend as much time as possible as a family!

Don’t get me wrong we loved living in our house and when we built it we thought we would never leave. We bought LOTS of toys and things for the house and we enjoyed them and enjoyed having big birthday parties. But it just never felt right to spend so much money and time on our house.

1 – Cleaning – It was basically impossible for me to keep it clean – unless I dedicated hours each day to cleaning or we paid a cleaning

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Downsizing and Emotions

*Written in Spring 2014 – while we were still in our house going through the process of downsizing to fit everything in the RV* This has been an interesting process. As my sister says we have done a LOT of stretching since we started thinking about doing this last year. We just had our BIG …

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How we got here

*This was written in Spring 2014 – prior to us moving into our RV Fulltime*

In Summer 2013 we started talking with my sister and her family about downsizing and moving into a duplex with them so we could travel more. We went and checked out a few duplexes and then started looking for land to potentially build a duplex. We then had our first rummage sale . . . It was nice to purge a lot of our things!

Rummage Sale 1


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