9 South Padre Island RV Parks For Your Next Vacation

Want to plan a South Padre getaway with your family and friends? If so, then going on a trip to some of the best South Padre Island RV parks can be just what you’re looking for.

South Padre Island RV Parks

While planning an RV trip can be difficult, fully furnished South Padre Island, Texas RV parks don’t need much planning. With an excellent reputation for providing comfort and leisure, RV parks in South Texas offer various amenities.

We’ve gathered 9 of the best South Padre Island RV parks for you to explore. Of the locations chosen, 4 locations are on the island and the other parks are located in the surrounding cities.

RV Parks On South Padre Island

Isla Blanca County Park Campground

Isla Blanca County Park South Padre Island RV Parks

First on our list is the Isla Blanca County Park Campground. There are several reasons we choose this Southern Texas RV Park as the crown jewel of our list. 

Located near the southernmost area of South Padre Island, TX, you’ll get quite a view. The mile-long beach where the park meets the Gulf of Mexico is breathtaking. This is your spot if you want to find recreational activities to enjoy in the water. Plus you can be dolphin watching right from your RV depending on where your site is.

Isla Blanca County Park Campground offers fully furnished beach rental concessions throughout the warmer months. In the winter hours vary or the concessions may be closed. This is truly a one-stop shop when searching for an RV resort in South Padre Island. Plus it is a popular family destination.

You’ll find onsite food services at the beachfront pavilions with over 600 RV sites that offer complete hook-up facilities. From ample parking space to multiple jetties and surf fishing and bay fishing facilities, you will find endless enjoyment here at Isla Blanca County Park Campground.

There’s also no shortage of showers or restrooms, along with shaded picnic areas. A variety of water sports activities make this VIP South Padre Island RV Park an excellent option for beach lovers.

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4.4 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

South Padre Island KOA Holiday RV Park

SPI KOA for South Padre RV Parks

If palm trees and sandy beaches are what you’re looking for, the South Padre Island KOA Holiday will not disappoint. South Padre Island KOA Holiday has all the amenities you need to take a break from your daily life.

When looking for an ideal place to play, engage, and relax, consider heading to the South Padre Island KOA Holiday. You won’t run out of activities to enjoy and nearby places to explore!

You can enjoy plenty of outdoor waterfront activities, including high-quality swimming pools. Plus, you and your trip-mates will get a chance to dine at some of the most popular restaurants in the area. The onsite deluxe cabins and KOA Patio make the RV sites a memorable experience for all people who come to enjoy.

With snack bars, hot tubs, and other RV resort facilities, you can rest easy. Comfortable abodes and highly-equipped RV sites make South Padre Island KOA Holiday RV Park an amazing choice.

The swimming pools are open all year round, and you can enjoy free WiFi and cable TV. You certainly won’t get bored with the availability of on-site dining options at the pavilion. Fishing activities and hot tub facilities make this a fantastic experience for most visitors.

At South Padre Island KOA Holiday RV Park, they are ready to accommodate. Bring a pop-up camper or even an RV up to 98 meters long! There is a place here waiting for you!

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4.4 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

Andy Bowie County Park

Andy Bowie County Park has all you need to make the most out of a great outdoors trip. Since this South Padre Island RV Park is located at the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, you’re sure to have easy access to waterfront activities.

From surfside picnicking to surfing on the cobalt tides under the pavilion, you will find plenty of waterfront activities to choose from. Plus, if you love cooking, you will love grilling BBQ at your very own RV site.

From beach rentals and private swimming areas to food concessions at the park, this site has it all. You can plan customized RV-camping activities at South Padre Island, thanks to Andy Bowie County Park.

The site offers beach access, showers, and restrooms for all visitors and campers. The park is across the street from the South Padre Island Convention Center, where they host special events throughout the year. Be sure to put Andy Bowie County Park on your list to visit while in the South Padre Island area.

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4.4 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

Edwin King Atwood Park

beach camping South Padre Island RV Parks
Photo credit: https://www.zulabeach.com/

If beach access is on your list for an RV park in South Padre Island, you won’t have trouble finding a stay. Although the majority of the parks in South Texas offer beach access, not all of them fulfill campers’ needs. Edwin King Atwood Park will meet your needs and deserves a spot on your list.

This is a Boondocking location – which means no hook-ups. You must be self-contained to stay here. Also, plan to drive on the beach… it can work, but you can also easily get stuck. The hardest sand is closest to the tide-line. The tide comes in and out often so be sure to park behind the tide line!

If you’ve been to the South Texas RV sites, you must have experienced the hustle and bustle. Edwin King Atwood Park offers complete solitude from the day-to-night rush of the Southside adventurers.

Just a word of advice – Edwin King Atwood Park is open to car traffic. The beach can get busy on the weekends when people come to visit. Some will spend the night in the back of their truck or van!

Visitors and campers find it appealing to bring their furry pet along with them to take long walks on the beach. You’ll find ample restrooms and a convenient boardwalk that offers beach access. Choose a sun-covered picnic table at your favorite pavilion by the main entrance to the beach.

As the entire area is nearly covered with beach sand, make sure you bring the right RV to avoid getting stuck. If, in any case, that happens, don’t forget to call the customer service team at Edwin King Atwood Park in South Texas they may help… or a local passer-by may stop to help too!

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4.6 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

Port Isabel RV Parks

These RV parks are located in Port Isabel which is just a short 5-minute drive across the bridge from South Padre Island. This means these parks are closer to the HEB grocery store and Walmart. You will have to cross the bridge to get to South Padre Island. During the weekend and busy times, the bridge can be backed up.

Tarpon RV Park and Marina – South Padre Island

Located just across the bridge from South Padre Island in Port Isabel. Also a 55+ RV Park. Which means only people 55 years or older can stay here.

You will find nearly 36 facilitated RV slots at the Tarpon RV Park and Marina. Take note this park is more for people who live there versus vacationers.

Plan a night or day fishing trip using the boat slips provided by Tarpon RV Park and Marina. Or just fish from the piers at the RV park.

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3.7 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

Port Isabel Marina and RV Park

Port Isabel Marina and RV Park is located in Port Isabel just across the bridge fro South Padre Island. They offer interior lots and waterfront lots. The RV park fulfills the needs of campers looking for the best type of campground for their needs.

At the lots, you will enjoy WiFi, TVs, bathrooms, restrooms, and even household amenities. The idea behind running this extensively-equipped RV resort is to keep campers coming back for longer stays all the time.

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3.8 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews

Brownsville RV Parks

Brownsville is the largest city that is closest to South Padre Island. Here, you will find Target, a shopping mall, movie theatre, etc. It is about a 30-40 minute drive to South Padre Island from Brownsville.

Tropical Tails RV Resorts

Tropical Trails RV Park, South Padre Island RV Park
Photo credit: Tropical Trails RV Park

This fantastic RV Park in South Texas covers a huge area of over 150 acres. The lush land around the Rio Grande Valley makes Tropical Tails RV Resorts one of the top choices for campers. It is located in Brownsville about 30 minutes from South Padre Island.

The security at Tropical Trails RV Resorts makes it the ideal option for campers looking to rest in a spacious site with their favorite RVs. At Tropical Trails RV Resorts, the gates remain secure and guarded throughout the facility.

While the land covers 150 acres, the RV sites are at least 50-55 feet apart, which means you don’t have to worry about social distancing when enjoying your stay at Tropical Trails.

The park has installed optical fiber cables near each pedestal. So you will enjoy a high-speed internet connection so you can stay connected during your stay. And you can make financial transactions without worrying about security because the internet is secured and fortified through encryption protocols.

Rental cottages, on-site diners, and the availability of bars make this gorgeous place a prime choice for many. Consider visiting Tropical Trails RV Resorts to escape your hectic schedule. This place isn’t like other congested RV sites that may offer similar services. 

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4.8 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park

Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park is built for campers and RV-camping lovers in South Texas. Note it is home to a lot of winter Texans who come in to stay for a month or more.

Most visitors who came with a small group of friends have left with a larger one. Life-long friendships are made at Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park. Sports competitions to dance activities, Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park offer multiple activities that make it worth spending some time here.

All RV sites and rental rooms are spacious. Your RV should meet the size limit of 16 feet high and 60 feet long. The entire site offers plenty of affordable accommodations. 

If you’re a new visitor at the Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park, check out the ongoing new customer discounts and packages. The managers and operators wish for everyone to have a completely hassle-free and memorable experience.

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4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews.

Los Fresnos RV Parks

Palmdale RV Resort

Palm Dale RV Park South Padre Island RV Park
Photo credit: Palmdale RV Resort

Palmdale RV Resort is located in Los Fresnos, Texas about 40 minutes from South Padre Island. This RV Resort has been popular for quite some time and houses the best facilities any camper could wish for. And no matter whether you visit on sunny days or plan a great outdoors trip during the winter season, you will have a great vacation at Palmdale RV Resort.

The resort’s customer service team is sure to answer all questions and resolve all issues promptly. The Palmdale RV Resort has built life-long relationships with campers because of how quickly they address concerns. Because this resort is a locally-owned and managed RV resort, so no one feels like a stranger.

With 200 RV sites available, their facilities include a high-speed internet connection, comfortable rental beds, full hookups, and hot tubs, making it an excellent vacation stop.

For a great outdoors trip to the Rio Grande Valley, consider putting Palmdale RV Resort on your must-visit list. So you will never have a dull moment when visiting Palmdale RV Resort in South Padre Island, Texas.

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4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews.

Time to Visit South Padre Island, TX

The tremendous variety of outdoor RV resorts in South Texas makes the region popular across the United States for RVers. If your goal is to spend the week on South Padre Island we highly recommend Isla Blanca County park or Edwin King Atwood park if you prefer boondocking and aren’t scared about getting stuck in the sand or the tide sneaking up!

There are so many fun things to do on this gulf coast island from horseback riding to surfing, seeing the sea turtles and bird watching, plus be sure to check out the Laguna Madre Bay Nature Trail.

Make sure you check out the official websites of the RV sites and campground mentioned above. You can contact the site through their website or by calling.

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