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Key West

13 Lucky Things to do with Kids in Key West

I’m sure when people think Key West, they picture naked, drunk people and a never-ending party… that may happen during Fantasy Fest (Google it, but totally NSFW), but during the day, it really is a great family destination! Here is our list of things to do with kids in Key West! 1. Key West […]

Florida Keys

Dolphins Plus in Key Largo

Petting and kissing a dolphin at Dolphins Plus in Key Largo is an amazing experience. These creatures are so beautiful and friendly. When you are petting them and interacting with them you can look right into their eyes and see their personalities. Dolphins Plus has a great program that lets […]

Florida Keys

Top 10 Florida Keys Beaches

We were told that the Florida Keys weren’t really known for their beaches. Well, we’re beach people and hearing that turned it into a mission to find a good beach on this beautiful island chain. Well, we found quite a few Florida Keys beaches that satisfied our needs and then some. […]