Hiking With Kids

15 Tips For Hiking With Kids

Hiking with kids . . . is fun . . . seriously it can be! When we started full-time traveling, we weren’t a big hiking family so it has taken some time for all of us to figure out how best to hike as a family and we are definitely making progress. We have gone on …

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Unschooling Resources

Unschooling Resources

A lot of people ask us about what we do for homeschooling our kids. After looking into a variety of methods we decided to go down the Unschooling route with more of a focus on Radical Unschooling. Going this route means it is more of a lifestyle then just a school choice. It also means …

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Tiny Big Adventure Slackline Kit

Top Gift For An Adventurous Kid

This post may contain affiliate links. If you’re looking for the top gift for an adventurous kid, hands down it is the Tiny Big Adventure Slackline Kit. What the heck is a slackline you may be asking yourself. It’s a new outdoor activity that is skyrocketing in popularity not only for professional rock climbers and …

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