Downtime During Full Time Travel

Before starting on our Crazy Family Adventure I had anxiety over this. What the heck were we going to do on days when we weren’t out exploring or traveling? When your kids are home 24/7 there is a lot of downtime during full time travel. What the heck were we going to do with that time?!

*This post was written back in 2016 after we had been full time RVing with our 4 kids for almost 2 years*

Funny thing is downtime during full time travel is very similar to what it is like in a house. Except we are probably outside more. Other then that the time is filled with playing at the campground – either at the playground or in the swimming pool. Watching movies or TV. Playing Xbox or on their tablets. It really isn’t all that exciting.

Downtime during Full Time Travel: Table time

That being said we do definitely look forward to these days and enjoy when we have down days where we aren’t out exploring, challenging ourselves and pushing our comfort zones. These are also the days where Craig and I will get caught up on work.

Part of the lifestyle we have set up for ourselves is to not have many schedules in place. This means we all sleep in until 8:30 or 9am every day. Yup we admit it and we aren’t embarrassed about it!

It also means there is lots of time to snuggle in bed either with the kids or just Craig and I if the kids are out watching TV in the living room (which is 5 feet from the bedroom so we can hear everything).

We love that time as a family and as a couple. We know we all take time to get moving in the morning so we try not to schedule a lot of things early. Which normally means we can be in the car heading some where by 1pm. Seriously . . .

Yes if we have to or have a jam packed day we will head out earlier. But our preference is to have a slow morning and then get out in the afternoon and evening. We LOVE this! Do we feel guilty or almost naughty that we are sleeping in every day of the week. Yes – but that is not going to stop us – it is just too enjoyable. And we are working on feeling more comfortable in it.

So here is how a normal down day will go for us. And per the kids and us we have figured out that we need a down day at least twice a week if possible. Or if we have a super busy week then the following week we try to head to a campground where we can literally just hang out at the campground and maybe only head out a day or two during the week.

Downtime during Full Time Travel: Build a fort

A Down Morning During Full Time Travel

Wake up between 7:30 am (our oldest is on this earlier morning kick) – 9am (that is usually Craig and I and our daughter who get up last). The kids will either come into bed with us to snuggle for a while and sometimes fall back to sleep or else head out to the living room to play, look at books, watch TV or play on their tablet.

Downtime during Full Time Travel: Read a book

Between 9am – 11am: Craig and I work out together (We are currently doing the Beachboy Hard Corp 22 minute workout – we love it!). Make breakfast, check emails and depending on who’s day it is to work we will get started working.

During this time the kids are either playing outside, riding their bikes, watching TV, playing Xbox – basically just hanging out.

Downtime during Full Time Travel: Bike Ride

11 am: Craig and I like to use this time to hang out with the kids. If we are on a good schedule we like to block off 90 minutes out of the day where we put all electronics away and we focus on the kids. We have done it where the kids rotate and one day they get 90 minutes 1 on 1 with one of us while the other one takes the other 3 for the 90 minutes. We love when this schedule works out and we really want to make it a focus over the next year to keep that schedule for at least 4 days out of the week.

On days where that doesn’t happen (especially when we are traveling with other families or the kids have made friends at a campground or we have a lot of work to do) they are just playing all day. We may take them to the activity center at the campground, to the playground, on a bike ride, play catch or just hang out outside and play with play dough, paint, make potions. It all really depends on where we are.

Downtime during Full Time Travel: Painting

If the kids are interested we may do a few worksheets, work on math, research something they are into or read a book.


A Slow Midday During Full Time Travel

1 – 2pm: since we eat breakfast so late we usually eat lunch later. The kids usually grab whatever we make and eat it on the run, at the picnic table or in front of the TV.

2pm – 6pm: The kids have gotten really good at occupying their time. We don’t limit screen time so there may be days they play Minecraft or Xbox all day. Then in the same token days go by where they don’t touch them. On those days they are inside building legos, playing dress up, or outside climbing rock piles, building forts, or just playing with their toys.

Downtime during Full Time Travel: Outside play

It really isn’t anything exciting just basic kids playing and being creative with Mom and Dad sometimes giving direction but a lot of the time not. We play with them when they will let us :), hang out with each other, or are working – either inside or outside on the picnic table.

Downtime during Full Time Travel: Puddle splashing

Leisurely Evening During Full Time Travel

6 – 7pm: Dinner time. Sometimes we eat it together but normally it is the same as lunch.

7pm – 9pm: We try to get the kids to start relaxing and calming down but in reality this time is like wrestle mania in the RV when the kids are running, jumping, and wrestling with each other . . .

9pm – 11pm: Bedtime. Yes by choice it takes that long. I lay down with each kid in bed until they fall asleep and normally it goes Knox, Cannon, then Melia and Carson together. Sometimes they fall asleep quicker then other times but usually by 11pm they are all sleeping. Ideally we would like it to be 10/10:30 but hey when we all sleep in what can we expect :)!

During this time Craig is reading to the kids and right now they are going through the Harry Potter series.

11pm – 2am

The timing varies but normally this is when Craig and I are either working on the blog, our business, planning our travel plans, or just hanging out watching Hulu or a movie. Sometimes we are up until 2am or later and sometimes we go to bed by 12:30am. But it usually isn’t before that.

Overall it is pretty chill day (expect for that we have 4 kids that have a lot of energy – so it may be chill but it isn’t quiet :)!). We are still working on figuring out how to best to fill our days. We would love to make spending time with the kids more of a focus for Craig and I – which isn’t easy with starting and running multiple businesses. But that is why we did this so we are realizing we want that to be a priority and the only way it will be is if we make it a top priority.

Downtime during Full Time Travel: Movie Night

It is an ever evolving day based on us, the kids, the business and where we in our full time travels, but that is what we love about it. It can change and it is totally our choice how we want it to look!


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  1. Love this! Thank you for giving such a great description of an average day for you guys. We’re working on getting ready for fulltiming in the fall and while I love reading about the cool places people go, I really love reading about the normal moments – it makes it easier for me to envision what it will be like for us.

  2. Hey guys thank you very much for the family testimonies. My family and I are in the beginning stages of trying to start the travel full time lifestyle and your guys blog is very helpful and motivating. Thanks again.

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