25 Best RV Christmas Gifts

Do you have an RVer in your life and you want to find the perfect RV Christmas Gifts?! We have you covered! First things first. Most RVers have limited space so you want to be very thoughtful when getting a Christmas Gift For an RVer. 

RV Christmas Gifts

For that reason, we have some options listed at the bottom that are memberships and passes you could buy if they have asked you not to get them any things. 

This post is brought to you by Good Sam. 

Here are our recommendations on things the RV owner in your life would appreciate and enjoy this holiday season! 

Camp Chair

RV Christmas Gifts - Camp Chair

Yes this chair is big but if they don’t have this chair yet (a lot of RVers do since once they see someone with it they want one!) they will be glad you got it for them!

It is super comfortable and feels like you are sitting on a couch out around the fire. Plus it is great if you have little ones that want to climb up on your lap or squeeze in next to you. It would be a great gift for RV life or just weekends! 

Click here to buy the Camp Chair.

Ottoman To Go With Chair

Ottoman - RV Christmas Gifts

Make the chair even better and get the ottoman that goes with it so they can put their feet up. Seriously the best!! 

Click here to buy the Ottoman.

Side Table

side table - RV Christmas Gifts

Add this side table to the chair and ottoman and you have the ultimate outdoor setup. An amazing way to sit back relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail.

Click here to buy the Side Table.

Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pit RV Christmas Gifts

I was anti-propane fire pits for years. Until I saw how easy and simple they were to turn on and off (no need to worry about getting wood). I am telling you this is a must-have for these cool nights.

Click here to buy the Propane Fire Pit.

Table Cloth 

table cloth RV Christmas Gifts

You can’t have too many tablecloths as given the sometimes harsh weather or hot sun table clothes get worn out. And this one is so cute it is perfect for the RVer in your life!

Click here to buy the Table Cloth.


Lantern RV Christmas Gifts

Having a good lantern always comes in handy. Either for walking at night or to set out on the picnic table. 

Click here to buy the Lantern.


RV Christmas Gifts headlamp

Craig would not know what to do without his headlamp! It comes in so helpful when he is working on things, or when we are walking at night, or when we go to a campfire. He just leaves it on his head and turns it on and off as needed. This is one of the practical gifts we recommend but it will be appreciated. 

Click here to buy the Headlamp.

Coffee Cups

RV Christmas Gifts coffee cups

How cute are these coffee or tea mugs?! I will tell you RV lovers usually love getting things that talk about how RVing is so cool. This is perfect for that.

Click here to buy the Coffee Cups.

Coffee Maker

coffee maker RV Christmas Gifts

If they are a coffee drinker you may want to try a unique coffee maker like this:

Click here to buy this Coffee Maker.

RV Blanket

camping blanket RV Christmas Gifts

As mentioned above us RVers like to show we love RVing. And how awesome is this Happy Camper blanket! Plus you can never have enough blankets – my husband might disagree but give me all the blankets!

Click here to buy this RV Blanket.

Apron Set

apron set RV Christmas Gifts

This is just fun! I want a set! If the RVer in your life also likes cooking this is a win-win!

Click here to buy this Apron Set.


camping tumbler RV Christmas Gifts

Continuing with all things RVing. This is a great option! Good for coffee or an on-the-go happy hour drink when you are walking to a friend’s RV.

Click here to buy this Tumbler.

Nesting Wine Glass

nesting wine glass RV Christmas Gifts

Speaking of happy hour check out these awesome nesting plastic wine glasses! Wine glasses can be so hard to store. This is perfect!

Click here to buy the Nesting Wine Glass.

State Sticker Map

state sticker map RV Christmas Gifts

This is a thing with RVers. We like to put a map on our RV and add stickers of each state we have been to! 

Click here to buy the State Sticker Map.

Slow Cooker

slow cooker RV Christmas Gifts

A slow cooker is a great way to make meals while you are camping. Some people like to go even further and get an Instant Pot. 

Click here to buy the Slow Cooker.

Collapsible Cups and Bowls

collapsible cups RV Christmas Gifts
collapsible bowls RV Christmas Gifts

There are lots of options for gifts when it comes to the RV kitchen. You can even go as basic as collapsible measuring cups or bowls. With limited storage space the collapsible options are great!

Click here to buy the Collapsible Cups and here for the Collapsible Bowls.

S’mores Box

S'mores box RV Christmas Gifts

This list would not have been complete without having something related to S’mores! This kit is awesome. 

Click here to buy the S’mores Box.

Full-Time RVing With Kids

I couldn’t leave out my book! Full-time RVing With Kids An Insider’s Guide To Life On the Road. Even if they aren’t full-timers it is a good book to read about traveling in an RV with kids! 

Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

Camping World Gift Card

Still not 100% sure what to get? A Camping World Gift Card is always a safe bet. Let them pick out some cool string lights, maybe a solar panel, or any of the other 100’s of RVing things that Camping World has online and in store!

Non-Material Things

Did they ask you not to get them anything and that their RV was out of space?? Don’t worry there are other options!

Good Sam TravelAssist Membership

This membership is all about peace of mind for when you are RVing or traveling via plane, train or car to make sure that you and your family are covered if medical issues arise, emergency travel arrangements are needed, and more. You can learn more about it here: Benefits Of Having Good Sam TravelAssist

Click here to buy a Good SamTravelAssist Membership now.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

A must-have for when you are on the road and something goes wrong. This has saved us multiple times on the road. It is a must have. You can learn more about it here: Benefits Of Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Click here to buy Good Sam Roadside Assistance now.

Good Sam Rentals

If someone on your gift list has been thinking about RVing but hasn’t bought an RV yet you could get them a Good Sam RV rental! You can learn more about Good Sam rentals here: Everything You Need To Know About Good Sam Rentals

National Parks Pass (America The Beautiful Pass)

An annual National Park Pass (America The Beautiful Pass) is a great option. National Park road trips in an RV are such a fun time and having this annual pass makes it easy to go in and out of the parks! 

Click here to learn more about the America The Beautiful – National Park Pass.

Harvest Host Membership

This is a great option to get away from the RV parking lot experience you can sometimes get at RV parks and istead stay overnight at a winery, farm, brewery, museum, golf course, etc! 

Click here to check out Harvest Host. 

There you go! Multiple options for gifts for RV campers in your life! We have a couple of other gift guides you may want to check out too that share more of our favorite RV accessories:

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And here is a video of some of our must-have (more practical ideas versus gift ideas) things for RVers:

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Check out this awesome list of the 25 Best RV Christmas Gifts to get the RVer in your life! Camping chairs, headlamps, memberships and more!
Check out this awesome list of the 25 Best RV Christmas Gifts to get the RVer in your life! Camping chairs, headlamps, memberships and more!

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