Fat Biking IN Snow In Quebec City – What To Expect

Have you ever considered fat biking in snow? If not, you should! Echo Sports in Quebec City offers an awesome activity: riding an electric Fat Bike on the snow!

Carson Fat Biking in Quebec City.

Fat Biking In Quebec City

You meet the team at Echo Sports, where they make sure you are all ready to go: helmet, proper gloves, proper face covering, and an electric fat bike that fits you. From there, you head over to the ferry.

The ferry ride is an adventure, taking you across the ice and water in the river to the opposite side. The views are beautiful, and while you are taking it all in, your guide gives you an amazing history overview of Quebec City.

Once you reach the drop-off, take your bike down (or your guide will help) and head to the trail. The trail is well groomed and wide and covered in snow. You turn your electric bike on, starting with the lowest setting of 1, and jump on.

As you get comfortable with your bike, the electric part, and the trail, you can increase your electric speed to 2, 3, 4, and 5. The speed you choose to go will depend on the weather.

The wind was in our faces when we started, so we kept it at 2-3. We went up to 5 on the way back since the wind was behind us.

The trail is beautiful as it goes along the river and is plenty big to accommodate the bike and any walker or runners that may pass on the opposite side.

Our tour guide stopped us a couple of times to share some interesting history and facts about Québec Cité and the surrounding area.

We kept going as time would allow, turned around and returned to get on the ferry.

After taking the ferry ride, we returned to the shop to turn everything in.

Carson with his fat bike on the ferry in Quebec City.
Taking our bike on the ferry.

Thoughts On Fat Biking

  • Even though we were on electric bikes, it was still a workout. But I couldn’t imagine doing it without the electric bike!
  • My 16-year-old son went on the trip with me and said it wasn’t that hard—oh, to be young again!
  • I liked that it wasn’t just biking. Our guide was also helpful and taught us many great things about Quebec City!
  • Before getting on an electric bike, I would ensure you are comfortable biking. But also know even at the highest setting, we weren’t going super fast, and it always felt like you had control of the bike.

Electric Fat Biking on the snow is an awesome winter activity in Quebec City! As long as you are dressed appropriately and have a great guide, like Echo Sports, you should 100% do it.

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