15 Things To Do In Quebec City with Kids During Winter [Plus Where To Stay]

Quebec City is a great winter destination to visit with your family. There are many fun outdoor winter activities for kids (and parents) of all ages, from dog sledding to ice canoeing and so much more! Below, we will share our top things to do in Quebec City with kids during winter, where to eat and stay.

Sauna at the Ice Canoeing experience in Quebec City.

Logistics On Visiting Quebec City

You can fly into the Jean-Lesage International Airport, and it is an easy 30-minute drive into old town Quebec City, where we recommend you stay. We rented a car and drove into town. It was fine, but be prepared. There are a lot of hills and a few one-ways.

When visiting in winter, you will want your winter gear: snow pants, winter jacket, hats, gloves, and snow boats. Even when we were just walking around town, we always had our snow pants and winter jackets on, and it worked out well.

For the activities we list below, we recommend you make a reservation well before you arrive to secure the date and time you would like.

Plan to do a lot of walking around the city, any time of year. We were there in February, and the streets were busy with people.

Things To Do In Quebec City With Kids

We visited in partnership with Quebec City to bring you all of the top things to do in Quebec City with kids and teens during the winter. Quebec City is a winter wonderland that is a fun location for the whole family to visit.

Walking The Streets

Streets of Quebec City

This may sound like something your kids wouldn’t enjoy, but walking the cobblestone streets in Old Town Quebec City feels like stepping back in time. Plus, there are so many lights, colors, and fun window shopping!

Throw in a few stops for popcorn, ice cream, and the toy store, and your kids will be happy as can be.

We recommend making sure you check out the following streets:

  • Rue Sous-le-Fort
  • Rue du Cul-de-Sac
  • Rue du Petit Champlain
  • Rue Saint-Louis
  • Rue D’Youville

If you are interested in learning more about the streets, you can also take a guided tour.

Ice Skating at Place D’Youville

Bryanna skating in Quebec City.

Ice skating outside in the middle of winter with the city’s lights around you is a must-do when in Quebec City. If you don’t have skates, no problem! You can rent skates there.

The skate rental is a bit hidden – but you can find it kiddie corner from the opening in the ice skating rink. Go towards the glass doors where the bathroom is. The skate rentals are in there.

It is a large oval skating rink with sitting all around it. If you aren’t comfortable skating, they have skating helpers for adults. Plus, small helpers for the little kids make it very family-friendly.

You can come during the day, but I recommend coming at night! It was really cool to skate with all of the lights around us and the skates were super comfortable. Which isn’t always the case with rental skates.

If you want to do more skating, check out Quebec City’s list of places to skate here.

Dog Sledding with Aventure Inukshuk

Picture of us dog sledding. A top thing to do in Quebec City!

Dog sledding has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was excited to get the chance to do it finally! Since Carson was 16 and you need to be 18 to drive, I was the only one who could “drive” the sled. After my quick 2-minute instructions on how to drive the dog sled, I was ready to go!

I thought it would not be that hard if that were all the instructions I needed. And it really wasn’t! The dogs are well-trained and follow the group in front for the most part, so it wasn’t hard. Except for the part where I had to run and push the sled up a few hills – since Carson isn’t light!

It was a magical experience as we rode the sled through the forest with the snow and trees all around us. At one point, they stopped to let the dogs rest, and our biggest and fluffiest dog tried to burrow into the snow! I figured he was cooling off.

I am so glad I was finally able to do this! And when I asked Carson what he thought, he said he loved it too. The guides were helpful and made us feel welcome and safe on the trip.

They give you hot chocolate at the end, and you see the sled dog puppies! If it is cold, they take you to a super warm hut so you can warm up and play with the puppies.

Dog sledding with Aventure Inukshuk was a great adventure and one we highly recommend!

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The Ice Hotel

Bryanna outside the Ice Hotel in Quebec City.

This place is crazy! It is all made out of snow. Yes, the whole thing is snow!! It’s like your snow fort dreams come true! Remember when you were a kid, and you would imagine building this amazing igloo? Someone did it in real life, and you can stay overnight!

We didn’t stay in it. But we did get to tour it. Anyone can during the day. The tour closes at 8 pm, so they can prepare it for the guests who will spend the night.

You walk in, and there are ice sculptures, an ice bar, a slide, and multiple places to sit and hang out (all made of ice!). They do bring in lights, so there are various colored lights throughout.

Carson sliding down the ice slide at the ice hotel. A top thing to do in Quebec City in winter.

After you have slid down the ice slide (which works better with snow pants on), you can head to the next building to check out the rooms.

There are your base rooms – which don’t have any design, just a bed. That will cost the least per night at around $400.

Inside of a room at the Ice Hotel in Quebec City.

Or your fancier rooms that have snow sculptures on the wall and may even have a private hot tub and sauna for you to use! Sign me up for that one!

If you do stay, they have instructions they give you on what to wear and provide sleeping bags for you to sleep in. It is COLD in there!

Before leaving, grab a drink in a handmade ice cup at the Ice Bar! And stop to check out the ice chapel. Where people actually get married – wow!!

The Ice Hotel is unique to see and is good with kids since they have ice drinks and the slide they can go down as many times as they want. Plus, the ice and snow sculptures are really cool to look at, and many themes are perfect for kids (video games, sports, pirate ships, to name a few).

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Village Vacances Valcartier

Village Vacances Valcartier tubing hill in Quebec City.

If you have a need for speed you are going to want to head to the Village Vacances Valcartier for snow tubing! The tubing hills are located right next to the Ice Hotel.

They have a variety of different slides. Starting with the smaller hill – yup, that is the one I took! Up to the super high hill – umm, nope, not for me!

Before going up, you grab your tube and then jump on another tube (while holding your tube) that takes you up the hill. Remember how we used to have to climb back up the sledding hill – not anymore!

Once up, you can pick which hill you want to tube down, and off you go! If you want to go with multiple people, you can. There are limits on each hill for the minimum number of tubes and the maximum. I saw some that had a 6-8 maximum! That is fun!

To go together, you hold on to someone else’s handle, so you stay in a group as you go down the hill. Workers at the top of the hill help you with all of this.

With your pass, you can go as many times as you want and try whichever hills are open.


Picture of Funicular in Quebec City at night.

Quebec City has a lot of hills. The Funicular will take you from the city’s lowest level to the top or vice versa. Yes, you could walk it. The view from the Funicular makes it worth doing it at least once!

You pay for your ticket, climb on, and up or down you go!

Fat Biking With Echo Sports

Carson with his fat bike on the ferry in Quebec City.

Biking on snow! Yes, it is a thing. Now, with a regular bike, you are up for a pretty big challenge, but with an electric Fat Bike – it still has challenges but is much more enjoyable!

Echo Sports will take you on the Ferry and across the St Lawrence River (filled with ice, but you go right through it) to a well-maintained bike trail on which you will take your electric fat bike. The ferry ride is an experience, and your guide will share some great history about Quebec City and point out various landmarks in the city.

Carson Fat Biking in Quebec City.

Once you reach the other side you will get on your Electric Fat Bike and head to the trail where you will ride along the river. Your guide will stop a few times to share more interesting facts before you make it as far as possible (within your time limit) and turn around and return.

If you want to get out and enjoy biking in winter, plus learn about Quebec City, this is the activity for you!

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Parc de la Chute Montmorency

Carson in the tram looking out at the Montmorency Falls in Quebec City.

We kept hearing we needed to see the Montmorency Falls and if you follow us at all you know I love a waterfall. So in between Fat Biking and Ice Canoeing we headed over to the Montmorency Falls. We only had about 20 minutes and I wish we had more time!

A tram (you buy tickets when you enter the building) takes you from the welcome center to the Falls area. On the tram, you get a beautiful view of the falls. Once you reach the top, you can walk on a boardwalk to a platform by the falls. And if you have time (we ran out of time), you can walk on a suspension bridge across the top of the falls!

If you plan to see the falls, I recommend you have at least 1 hour. So you can do everything – the tram, the platform, and the suspension bridge. If you want to take your time, it may take even longer.

The tram runs every 5 minutes, so that is good! The walkway and the suspension bridge will take some time – but do it! Also dress accordingly it can be windy up there.

Ice Canoeing Experience with Canot à Glace Expérience

Ice Canoeing experience in Quebec City.

When we told people we were going Ice Canoeing they were like what?! I thought the same thing?! Let me put it this way: whenever you can go Ice Canoeing! It was such a fun and unique experience, and the guides at Canot à Glace Expérience were amazing!

You start by getting all suited up – they have all the gear you need there – I recommend wearing snow pants and a long sleeve with a windbreaker/waterproof jacket or a winter coat (the winter coat will be more restrictive but will work). Plus, a hat and neck covering! They have gloves that you can use.

Once suited up you watch an information video in either French or English and after that head outside to practice in the boat. You have to know where to sit, how to paddle and how to transition (what you need to do when you are going to have to move your boat over the ice).

They do a few practice runs, you take a bathroom break if needed, and off you go!

Ice Canoeing in Quebec City. One of our favorite things to do in Quebec City.

Once in the water, you paddle like you would a normal canoe until you get to a patch of ice that you may either paddle through – if possible. Or else you ground yourself on the ice and get out to take a break (if the guides say it is safe).

The other option is to transition over the ice. This means each person in the canoe (minus the person in the back who is overseeing and directing things) transitions to the position where they have one knee in the hammock on the inside of the canoe and your foot hanging over the side, ready to “run” the canoe over the ice.

Once everyone is in place, off you go! You run your canoe right over the ice before everyone transitions (in time with your partner on the boat so you don’t tip it) back onto their seat to begin paddling again.

Trust me when I say it may sound more complicated than it actually is. Like with most things, you get the hang of it once you start doing it and do it a few times. Plus, having amazing guides, it runs pretty seamlessly and is just an awesome experience!

About halfway through, they stop and offer hot chocolate and snacks while you sit on the ice in the middle of the river.

From there, you are back at returning with the current to bring you home – luckily, the current runs in both directions, and the guides know how to time things, so you are never really paddling against the hard current – whew!!

Once back, you carry your boat up, and from there, you can get all your gear off and, if you want, put on your bathing suit and head out to the sauna that overlooks the river. It is a beautiful sauna with an amazing view!

Picture out of the sauna at the Ice Canoeing Experience.

I didn’t get my suit on but just with my clothes on (shoes off) I headed in and it was nice just to sit there and take in the view while warming up for a minute.

If you are active and like doing active things, this is a MUST-DO on your trip to Quebec City!

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1884 Toboggan Slide

Picture of the 1884 Toboggan hill in Quebec City at night.

A staple in Quebec City you can’t not try the Au 1884 tobbogan slide! It is located below the most photographed hotel (Canada claims in the world!): Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. You will also walk by the Dufferin Terrace (a great place to stop to look out on the St. Lawrence River) on your way to grab your tickets in the little store at the bottom of the track.

Once you have your tickets, show the attendant at the bottom of the slide, grab a toboggan, and go up – you may have to wait in line for your toboggan once you walk up the track.

At the top, you give them your tickets, and they place your toboggan in a shoot, ensure you are properly seated, and off you go!

Rumor has it you could go 80km an hour or 40mph. But really, I think it is more like 30km. In any case, it is fast, and it is fun!!

Extra Stops

If you have more time check out the following stops:

  • Plains Of Abraham: The site where the fate of New France was decided in 1759.
  • Museum: The Musée de la civilisation for a fresh look at the human experience.
  • Amusement Park: Mega Parc, the largest indoor amusement park in Eastern Canada!
  • Art Museum: Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec – showcasing over 42,000 pieces from the 17th century to the present day.
  • Nature: The Canyon Sainte-Anne (open in the summer months).

Where To Stay

Monsieur Jean

Monsieur Jean hotel lobby in Quebec City.

WOW. The Monsieur Jean hotel is Cool with a capital C! The minute you walk in, you can’t stop looking around. Every corner or wall has something else to show you starting with the mirrors on the wall with various scenes playing out across the mirrors.

Stars on the ceiling throughout the hotel and the cozy game room or fireplace area. There is something to see everywhere you turn.

Once you enter the elevator and reach your floor, you are again walking among the stars with unique wall art before entering your room.

This is not your typical hotel room! Everything feels unique and special, from the headboards to the chairs with lions and the big stand-alone bathtub. Plus, the shower! Three shower heads!!

Monsieur Jean hotel room in Quebec City.

The views out the floor-to-ceiling windows in your room of Quebec City are amazing!! See what I mean by something everywhere?!

Behind what looks like closet doors is a mini kitchen with a mini fridge, microwave, stovetop, and sink. Plus, drawers with utensils, cooking pots, plates, glasses, and wine glasses (so stop to buy yourself that bottle of wine and some snacks at the store before coming up to the room!).

I love it when a hotel room is so nice that sometimes it is hard to go out and explore for the day! This is one of those rooms. So if a day in on your trip sounds good. Plan accordingly and add a day never to leave the room!

Every day they clean your room and leave two bottles of water – which is very thoughtful and nice. They offer valet parking – just pull up in front of the hotel and park and go in and grab someone and they will take your car and park it for you.

They do offer breakfast in their eclectic bar/restaurant area. The breakfast is served continental style, but this isn’t your typical hotel continental breakfast. There was a meat tray, cheese tray, fresh (real) scrambled eggs, yogurt parfaits, and fresh croissants. Plus, they will bring your request for coffee out to your table – the cappuccino is delicious!

The staff is super friendly and nice and very welcoming. Plus, the location is perfect for walking all over Quebec City!

Station Touristique Duchesnay

Lunch at Station Touristique Duchesnay

When we return to Quebec City, I want to stay at the Station Touristique Duchesnay. This time, we stopped for lunch at the Bistro-bar Le Quatre-Temps that overlooks the Lac Saint-Joseph. The food was delicious, and the view was amazing.

They have a variety of activities you can do at the resort, from cross-country skiing to tubing and snowshoeing with snow skis on. Everything you need to spend a weekend out enjoying the snow in the winter.

In the summer, they have a variety of summer activities, from things to do on the lake and a huge ropes course in the trees. This would be the perfect place to experience a summer camp idea with your whole family. They even have rooms that can fit full extended families.

They have everything you need here, so leaving the resort is unnecessary!

Where To Eat

Raffaella Ristorante

Carson and our pizzas at Raffaella Ristorante in Quebec City.

When your kid says the pizza crust tastes like a glazed donut, you know this is good pizza! The funny thing is when he said that, I was like you are right. This crust is AMAZING!! Plus, the unique flavor I got with the combination of spicy honey, pistachio, and pesto on my pizza means this isn’t just typical kids’ pizza! (This pizza is called the MORTADELLA and was recommended by my server).

With a fun rustic vibe, delicious drink options, and unbelievable pizza, Raffaella Ristorante is a must-stop for eating with kids (or without if you love pizza). It is a smaller setting, so you may want to call ahead for reservations. But it is 100% worth it! If pizza isn’t your thing, they also have fondue, pasta, and meat dishes.

La Buchette

Food and drinks at La Buchette in Quebec City.

If you want a delicious and unique dinner experience, head to La Buchette. Newly opened in 2023, the decorations and ambiance are on point, and their cocktail menu is so much fun!

I asked our waitress for a recommendation, and she knew how to deliver. The cocktail I got came with a piece of passion fruit in a cocktail with a prosecco chaser. Yum!

It was recommended that you scope the passion fruit out, eat it, drink the cocktail, and cleanse your palette with the bubbles from the prosecco before starting over. It was delicious and fun!

For food, Carson got the Waygu Burger and LOVED it. He said that is how you make something good (a cheeseburger) even better. A delicious bun, crispy cheese, delicious meat and yummy sauce. He cleaned his plate!

I went with the Mushroom plate, which was delicious and a cool take on a vegetarian option for dinner. They also recommend the Bison – which is a recommended Quebec City dish. They serve it for two and there was no way Carson would give up having the Waygu burger – but note this was recommended!

For dessert, we got the show! They roll a cart out and make a yummy blueberry crepe right before you that they light on fire with maple liquor. It was fun to watch and tasty to eat!

If you are looking for local and fresh Canadian ingredients and an experience, La Buchette is where you want to go!

Bistro Hortus

Picture of the Nachos at Bistro Hortons in Quebec City

We didn’t have set plans for dinner one night, so we walked around by our hotel, and there were a lot of options to pick from! We had heard Bistro Hortus was good, and I loved the farm-to-table and organic ingredient theme, so in we went.

Without a reservation, we were able to sit at the bar. Yes, Carson was able to too. We saw another younger kid sitting at the bar as well.

They have fun cocktails, mocktails, and a wine list. And the food was unique and delicious. I got the Nachos with homemade salsa and various vegetables on them. Carson got the burger, which had a delicious bun and toppings.

If you are looking for something unique, we highly recommend Bistro Hortus.

Beavers Tail

We asked one of the locals, and she said you have to try a Beavers Tail. At first, I thought she meant an actual beaver’s tail! But no, this is a desert pastry, and it is yummy!

It is fried dough in the shape of a beaver’s tail. You can get it classic with just sugar or in various flavors. Carson when with the Reese’s flavor. It was delicious!

The Beaver Tails or Queues de Castor stores appear if you put Beaver Tail in Google Maps. That is where we went; they are all over the place.


Picture of Poutine at Ashtons in Quebec City

We had to try Poutine while we were here. Ashtons was recommended as a good place to go to try it. We got the classic – fries, gravy, and cheese curds. It isn’t my favorite dish. But when in Rome!

Mary’s Popcorn Shop

You can only walk by and smell Mary’s Popcorn Shop so many times before stopping in to get some delicious popcorn! They have a variety of flavors, so do yourself a favor and stop in and get a bag.

La Maison Smith

Food and drinks at La Maison Smith in Quebec City.

La Maison Smith is perfect for grabbing a pastry or sandwich and a coffee for a quick cafe-style lunch while exploring the city. I got the Veggie Quiche, and Carson got a chicken wrap.

We also had to try the pastries, so I got the almond croissant, and Carson got the chocolate cake. I added a Vanilla latte with Almond milk, and we were both very happy!

There you have it! All the fun things to do in Quebec City with kids! We went in February, and the weather was beautiful. A little warmer and snowy one day and cold (under 10 degrees) but sunny the next day.

As long as you dress accordingly, you will be fine! When walking around town, we always wore snow pants, winter jackets, snow boots, hats, and gloves, which worked out great.

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