Dog Sledding in Quebec City

Dog sledding has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was excited to learn we would go dog sledding in Quebec City! Dog sledding with Aventure Inukshuk ended up being one of our favorite things to do in Quebec City with kids.

Picture of us dog sledding. A top thing to do in Quebec City!
  • Dog Sled Company: Aventure Inukshuk
  • Who we are: Mom (43) and son (16)
  • Experience: Newbies
  • Length of experience: Just over 2 hours (1 hour on the sleds)

What To Wear

We wore snow pants, a big winter jacket, gloves, a hat and winter boots. It wasn’t super cold when we went, but I would also recommend a face covering.

Arriving To Check In

We left the Monsieur Jean Hotel in Quebec City’s historic district and drove (with our rental car) about 40 minutes to Aventure Inukshuk.

Once we arrived, we checked in and waited for our guide and everyone else to be ready. We were supposed to arrive at about 9:45. And left at 10:15 to head out to the sled and dogs.

At 10:15, we took a 5-minute drive to get back to where the dogs were. When you pull up, the dogs are going crazy! They know what is coming, and they cannot wait!!

Preparing To Head Out

Getting ready to go out dog sledding in Quebec City

We headed over to our guide, where we received quick instructions on how to drive the dog sled; YES – I would be driving the dog sled! Carson wasn’t able to since he wasn’t 18 years old. I was unaware I would drive it when we first signed up – but let’s do this!

Our guide gave us instructions in both French and English. Once everyone knew what they were doing, we headed out to the dogs and the sleds. Our guide assigned us our sled, told me to stand on the breaks (check I remembered how to do that!), hooked up our dogs and we waited for everyone else to get ready.

While waiting, you are in the middle of where the dogs stay. There are facilities on both sides of you, and the dogs are going CRAZY!! Barking and howling and jumping around. It is chaos – but it always felt safe. It was just loud! So be ready for that.

Dog Sledding

Bryanna driving the dog sled.

When everyone was ready our guide took off, I stepped off the break and off we went! The dogs know how to follow the group in front of them, so all you really have to worry about is stepping on the black rubber that slows it down and breaking.

But really, the dogs already know how to do most of it.

Your sled goes through a trail with higher snow on each side – so it is pretty contained. There were a few times we went up the side a bit, and I got worried we would tip, but we didn’t!

Carson dog sledding! One of our favorite things to do in Quebec City with kids!

When you hit any hills, they ask that you either jump off the back (while still holding on) and run to help push the sled up or just push off with one leg to try to help. I definitely had to do this multiple times. But Carson and I are not light, so that makes sense!

You are out on the trail for about an hour with a short 10-minute break where your guide can take your picture, and it gives the dogs a minute to rest.

Picture of Carson and I on a dog sled in Quebec City

Throughout the course, you go up and down little hills and through the forest, with one long flat stretch where the dogs just went for it, and all I had to do was hold on. That was my favorite part! It was beautiful and peaceful.

Dog Sled Puppies and Hot Chocolate

When you are done, you end up back where you started, and you have to go to the wood bard, where they have a fireplace and hot chocolate ready. PLUS the puppies! Each guide brings a sled dog puppy in for you to hold (if you want), pet, and take pictures of.

The experience went from about 9:45 to 12, with about 1 hour of ride time. It was an awesome experience, and I highly recommend it! In Carson’s (my 16-year-old) opinion, it was his favorite thing we did in Quebec City!

When you visit Quebec City you will want to go dog sledding! It is such a fun experience and a great thing to do in Quebec City with kids! Add it to your Canada bucket list!

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