Michigan – here we come!

This is our first week long trip with our class A RV (and without a house). We took a weekend trip a few weeks ago and it helped prepare us :)!

We took the week preparing our bikes to go on the back of the RV. We originally planned on taking our car but we figured out less then two weeks before we left that our car can’t be easily towed behind the RV . . . that will have to be another post!

We prepared our campsite at Jellystone by clearing everything out and putting things away in our shed and the cars (since they were staying there).

I grocery shopped for the week and then we cleaned up the RV, dowloaded new movies on the kids tablets, pulled in the slides, and prepared to leave at 6:30 Friday night!



Here is our planned route:

Start: Caledonia, WI

First Stop: Sleeping Bear Dunes Dune Climb, Michigan 109, Glen Arbor, MI

Second Stop: Traverse City, Michigan

Third Stop: Saint Ignace, Michigan

Fourth Stop: Mackinac Island, Michigan (you need to take a ferry to get here)

Fifth Stop: Tahquamenon Falls State Park, West M 123, Paradise, MI

Final Stop: Back home to Jellystone in Caledonia, WI

Michigan here we come!




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