Waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls!

I could not wait to visit the waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls!! There is something about waterfalls that intrigues me. I always thought it would be awesome to swim in a crystal clear pool of water with a waterfall behind you – that you could swim under and behind. I never thought that Michigan would have something very similar to this!

We pulled into the Tahquamenon Falls State Park and pulled into our pull through site! Pull through sites are awesome for a big rig!! We parked and got settled and then went to find the falls. We rode our bikes to the Visitor Center for the lower falls (there are Lower Falls and Upper Falls) and walked down to the row-boat area. For $20 you can rent a row-boat for the day and row the boat across to the falls. We weren’t prepared (no towels, suits, etc). But the kids were excited so we went for it! We loaded up in the row-boat and made it across.

Campsite at Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan.
Campsite at Taquamenon Falls, Michigan.


Rowing the boat across to the waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan!
Rowing the boat across to the Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan!

Waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls

The Falls were really cool! I could not believe that you could actually walk right in the water and up to the falls! The water was really clear and very cool and refreshing. We took our shoes off and headed in. We had to make sure to hold on tight to the kids hands because the current was fast! We headed towards the first falls but weren’t able to get to close. The rocks were pretty slippery and the closer you got the less you could see in the water – due to the waves from the waterfall.

waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls
WOW! Look at those!!
Checking out the watefalls at Tahquamenon Falls.
Checking out the Tahquamenon Lower Falls.
Posing for a picture on a rock in the middle of the river by the falls.
Posing for a picture on a rock in the middle of the river by the falls.

We then headed up to the next level which was larger and flatter – the kids were able to walk on their own here and do some of their own exploring! There were a lot of rock towers around that people had built.

Walking on a water trail next to the falls.
Walking on a water trail next to the falls.

We walked around and explored for a while and then decided to try to go under one of the falls! Cannon was the first one to go for it. I held him and we walked out and put our heads under the falls and were able to stand on the opposite side of the falls. It was really cool!

Going in the falls

After doing that we started to head back. The kids attempted to row us back to shore – that was interesting. Eventually we made it back!

The next day we decided to head back to the falls. This time we did the hike from the campground. It was a pretty long hike for a 2 and 4 year olds so Craig and I took turns carrying them while we hiked . The surrounding forest area was really pretty! We stopped a few times just to listen to how quiet it was! This time when we got to the falls we decided not to take the row-boat and instead walked on the trails to get to the falls. Once we got there the kids got their wings on and Carson and Cannon did some body surfing down the current where Craig caught them! They also had their goggles this time so they wore those and were able to check out what it looked like under the water.

Hiking to the falls

After that we headed back to the campsite where everyone just hung out at the campground, rode bikes, and setup a motorcycle station.
At night we looked at the stars – the sky was awesome since there are not many lights in the area.

On our way out we drove up to check out the Upper Falls – They were huge and it was beautiful up there!

The Upper Falls!
The Upper Falls!

I am really glad we made the trip that far north. It was definitely worth it!

Tahquamenon Falls State Park
$20 to rent a row-boat (you do this right at the visitor center down by the water)
Splash in the waterfalls at Tequanimum Falls


  • Bring bathing suits, life-jackets, towels, and goggles to the falls
  • We didn’t have water shows and would not have bought them just for the trip – but if you do have them I would recommend wearing them
  • There is NO bathroom once you get to the Falls so go at the visitor center before you head over to the Falls
  • You don’t have to rent the boat to get to the falls. You can get there by walking on the trail – but the row-boat was a cool experience!
  • Upper Falls – it is a hike so bring a stroller if your kids are young – the roads are all paved


  • If you can get a pull through site
  • The sites were large and could easily accommodate us

Craig’s Nugget:
Get yourself a pair of Keen’s and save your feet! The rocks under the water weren’t too friendly.

Overall Rating (E = empty, 1/4 full, 1/2 full, 3/4 full, F = full – a Must See!!)


Full – as long as you plan on getting wet and getting into the falls!! If you are ever near the area make sure you make the trip and bring your suit and towels!



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  1. I wish we had known you could get in the falls and mess around, we were there last summer and didn’t see a sole in the water. Maybe it was to cold at the time. I would have loved to have known about the row boats too. Might have to plan another trip! We did enjoy the three mile hike between the falls, so peaceful and not a lot of people on the trail, then they have a shuttle to take you back to the falls you started at.

    • I totally want to go back too! It really was a cool experience. I am surprised no one else was in the water when you were there. I do remember it was a little bit hard to find the row boats. Hope you get a chance to go back!

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