53+ Amazing Things To Do In Baja California

When road tripping through Baja California you are going to travel through Baja California Norte or the State of Baja California which is the northern half of the peninsula down through Baja California Sur which is the southern half. On this unbelievable trip you will experience wine country, both coasts of Mexico: the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, snorkeling and if you want; the crazy busy, yet beautiful tip of Baja at Cabo San Lucas.

Throughout the 1000+ mile road trip from the top to the bottom there are 54+ places you will want to stop to explore. Each one brings its own unique and interesting vibe. Here it is the top 54+ places to visit on your road trip.

Living In A Camper By The Beach

Camping Baja California: 13 Awesome Places To Stay

We spent 3 months exploring Baja, Mexico and these are the campgrounds that we stayed at. Baja camping takes you to RV parks, spectacular beach camping and down a few dirt roads to find amazing campgrounds and camping spots.

Baja Internet

The Secret to the Best Baja Internet To Keep You Online

When we were planning our Baja trip, one of our biggest concerns (besides safety) was Baja internet. Our business depends on a reliable internet connection. We also wanted to be able to stream some shows as well as upload videos to our Youtube channel. There really wasn’t too much good information out there besides the …

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How Awful Are Baja Mexico Roads? Is Driving Even Possible?

Driving south of the border is an adventure in itself. In the U.S., we take for granted our infrastructure. Four lane highways, wide lanes, wide shoulders, etc. Well, in Baja, that’s not the case. This post may contain affiliate links. Mex 1 – The Transpenninsular Highway The roads are tight and bumpy – especially further …

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