How We Became A Full Time RV Family

Here’s our story on how we went from living in a great neighborhood with a white picket fence to a full time RV family. Did we really do this?!

Come Learn All About Stationary RV Living

We are so excited to have the amazing Liz Wilcox share her fun and informative insights on Stationary RV Living. Check it out (you will love it!): Feeling tired and overwhelmed by a to-do list as long as an Academy Award speech? Do you find yourself craving a simpler life? Well hunger no more, my …

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Why We Decided To Downsize Our RV

When you go from a 2700+ square foot house into an RV full time, you think you need a LOT of space in your RV. And I think we did when we started which prompted us to look at 39 to 45 foot RV’s when we made the decision to go full time. *Update* Video …

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Getting Perspective At 30,000 Feet

So I’m off on a flight to pick up our new to us RV in southern Illinois. Man, deja vu all over again. Just about 3 years ago I was doing the same to get our current RV in Miami Florida. All of those emotions of leaving our old house and throwing our lives into …

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The Evolving Emotions of Full Time Family RV Travel

When we were living in our house and started planning for this life of full time family RV travel I was ready for an exciting and happy life of travel. What I have come to find out is that it IS exciting and happy but it is also a roller coaster ride of emotions. You …

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