18 Lies Full-Time RVers Tell Themselves

Here are the 18 lies I tell myself quite often. I’m sure other Full-Time RVers can relate.

1. That noise is totally normal.

2. I know exactly how tall my rig is.

3. I’ll save a ton of money not having a house.

4. I would never dump my gray water on the ground.

5. I’m not going to hook up the cable at the next resort we go to.

6. I won’t dump my black tank during dinner time.

7. I will definitely get that fixed.

8. We’re totally normal.

9. No one even notices I only shower twice a week.

10. Staying overnight at a Walmart is perfectly acceptable.

11. Everyone runs their a/c during the day and heater at night.

12. Boondocking in the middle of nowhere is peaceful, not scary at all.

13. I really don’t miss our old kitchen.

14. Moving days are great.

15. We love weekend campers!

16. I’d never close my eyes when an oncoming semi passes us.

17. Our fridge is plenty big.

18. Sharing a phone booth sized bathroom with the whole family really isn’t that bad.

That’s all I got! Let me know if you have any others in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “18 Lies Full-Time RVers Tell Themselves”

  1. Once i get used to this foldout bed I’ll be comfortable with it.

    I don’t really mind helping my husband back the trailer in. A total LIE.

    I’m sure if we ask the guy next door with the blaring 60 inch TV tacked to the side of his Class A nicely he’ll turn it down.

    • LOL, “My marriage can survive a bad parking experience”. I know Bryanna and I have had our issues with this one!

  2. will find out all of these next year ,,,,will be living that LIFE ,,,,,THANKS FOR THE WARNINGS,,,,,,

    • Oh yeah, you’re in for a treat 🙂 I think you’re going to love it, it’s such an adventurous life!

  3. Just love your list been full timers 20 years never regreted a min. , We will do this till we grow up and then think about it. Been full timers since we retired

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