How To Make Your RV Feel More Like Home – 5 RV Remodel Examples

If you just bought a new RV for the summer RVing season or if you are moving into an RV to travel full time you are going to want to make it feel like your own! RV’s have come a long way with how they look inside off of the show room floor – the industry finally figured out that bright colors are better for in an RV – thank goodness!

Picture of inside of a 5th wheel Remodel

But no matter how good they get at it you are still going to want to make it your own. We have done this with 4 different rigs. Some we did a lot of remodel work, others it was just painting and adding wallpaper and accessories.

The good thing is you can do as much or as little as you want to! Below we share details on what we did with each of our rigs to give you some ideas on how to remodel your RV!

1st Remodel – Class A

Class A RV Remodel
View from the hallway looking towards the front of the RV.

With our first rig we took out closets and sinks and added bunks and shelves. We also ripped out all of the old fashioned looking decor and made curtains to hang.

Plus we painted the whole RV. Nothing really different here. Craig just primed the walls and we painted them with normal paint. Nothing special.

We were very happy with everything we did and really enjoyed living in it that way, but when it came time to sell we had to repaint everything back to a neutral color. I guess we didn’t have to, but the majority of people shopping for an RV are going to be looking for a more factory style. Just something to keep in mind.

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2nd RV Remodel – Class C

Class C – 23 Feet Winnebago View

We did a few customization but not many as we ended up not keeping this one for long since it has some mechanical issues and ended up not being the right fit for us. It was a 23 foot class C and we didn’t tow a car. But we found we like having a car and the ease of leaving our “home” at a campground when we went out exploring.

3rd RV Remodel – Travel Trailer

Check out all of the ways we made our travel trailer feel like the best home! Here we share all of the awesome products used in our Travel Trailer Remodel.

With our 3rd RV (21 foot travel trailer) and a much smaller one – we have found that there is more of a NEED to customize it so that we have the things in place that we need. Most RV’s off the factory floor are made for weekend trips where you may have a bag or suitcase with you. When it is something you are going to be living in you are going to want to make updates to make it livable!

Some of the things we did to it:

  • Changed our shower into a closet for clothes (We used campground showers).
  • Added an Inverter and got a solar panel suitcase.
  • Put in a spice rack for our spices and oils (this was more helpful than I can say!).
  • Found a better location for the TV.
  • Setup storage areas and an art station for the kids.

Blog post on what we did with it: Awesome Travel Trailer Remodel Ideas [Video Included!]

4th RV Remodel – Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer remodel image of inside of trailer

We made mostly cosmetic changes to make it what we wanted it to be. We did it all in 2 weeks for under $2000.

You can check that out here: 2 Week Complete RV Remodel For Under $2000 [Video Included]

5th RV Remodel – 5th Wheel

Inside of a 5th wheel

For this one we also did mostly cosmetic changes to make it more of a tiny home with a few bigger changes.

Took out the dinette and couch and replaced both of those. Craig built the table in order for it to be the exact size we needed.

RV Kitchen remodel

Took the trim off of the slideouts and replaced it with a more fresh look!

Painted or wallpapered all of it.

You can see all the details here: Fun And Simple RV Remodel Ideas For Your 5th Wheel

Check out RV Inspiration for RV decorating and redesign ideas.

Come check out 5 different examples of how to remodel your RV! It doesn't have to be hard to make a few change that make it feel more like home!

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