The #1 Thing that Stops People From Living Their Dreams

The #1 thing that stops people from living their dreams is FEAR. It almost stopped us from starting our Crazy Family Adventure. Several times.


Where does fear come from?

Fear stems from so many places which is why it is so hard to manage and overcome. Here are a few examples of our fears:

  • Not having enough money
  • Not knowing how to do something
  • The unknown
  • Not knowing if you are capable enough
  • What people will think of you
  • Not being normal
  • Ruining our kids lives

These, and many more, are what holds people back from taking the steps to start living their dream life. I will tell you right now we were scared out of our minds throughout the whole process of selling our house, moving into an RV, and then starting our own business.

And I will let you in on a little secret. We are still SCARED out of our minds. We are starting to realize that it isn’t about not being scared, it is about not letting the fear hold us back from tackling the things we want to do.

Yes, life would be easier if we were never faced with any fears. But that would also mean we would be living in fear of fear. We choose not to do that. Instead we want to push our comfort zones and see where that can take us.

This is not an easy process for us and there have been lots of fights, arguments, tears, and disagreements but each of those times has helped us grow as people and learn how to manage our fears.

I would be lying if I said I thought we were ever going to be past the fear. As parents, fear is a constant that never goes away. As a business owner it is always there. Yes, we can get better at ignoring it or learning how to cope with it. But it will always be there. Lurking.

Our goal is to learn how to handle that fear and turn it into a positive. We don’t want fear to stop us from experiencing amazing things. And we don’t want our kids to grow up thinking they have to be afraid of the unknown.

Being an entrepreneur and having our own business has opened a whole other avenue of Fear for us. We are 9 to 5ers. Either Craig or I has always had a 9 to 5 job with a consistent paycheck and benefits. Becoming business owners has been SCARY!

And I don’t see that stopping any time soon. Instead we are seeing that if we face our Fears there are so many great opportunities out there. If we lived in fear of fear day in and day out we would miss out on so much.

I think part of facing this fear is accepting that we may not always be happy with the outcome, but we are seeing that going through the journey is all part of the process. And that from each fear we face we are learning more about ourselves and our relationship with each other and with our kids.

Now when fear starts to sneak in I will look it in the face and say STOP. I am not going to let fear determine my life for me but instead will continue to push through it.

Get over your fears and live your dream!

So what is your dream? Do you want to travel full-time with your family? Or maybe not full-time but you want to travel more? What is stopping you? It’s time to face these answers, face the fears, and make your dreams a reality – not tomorrow or next year but TODAY!

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3 thoughts on “The #1 Thing that Stops People From Living Their Dreams”

  1. “Fear of what people will think of you” is a big one, but more so for me “fear of what people will say to you” – to convince you to not follow your dreams, especially if the “people” are close to you.

    It’s hard to accept that deciding to follow your dreams may mean a bit of a riff between our family and other folks, but sometimes you just have to jump and take a chance. I’ve done that a few times in my life and I have never regretted the results. I’m a firm believer that the worst type of regret is not about the things you did, but about the things you didn’t do.

    Love reading your stuff. Keep on living the dream!



  2. Loved this blog and it really hits on the reason most of us never follow our dreams. We also almost scared ourselves right out of the decision to travel full-time and leave our comfy 9-5 jobs, too. (I think most of us do.) Then we asked ourselves “what’s the worst that can happen if we go for our dream?” In the end, the worst that could happen wasn’t all that scary after all. What’s scarier is not chasing your dream and never knowing. Happy travels and keep living your dream!

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