Full-time Families Rally Time!!

We just got done with our 2nd Full-Time Family rally and it was amazing! Kimberly (who started and runs Fulltime Families) does an amazing job with making everyone feel welcome and planning out all of the activities for the week.

Color run around the RV park!


Entrepreneur table for the kids to sell things they have made or brought with!
Entrepreneur table for the kids to sell things they have made or brought with!
Fieldtrip hike to a waterfall!
Fieldtrip hike to a waterfall!

There were 40 families here and over 100 kids. It is so cool to watch all of the kids just hit it off and start playing as if they already knew each other or that it hasn’t been weeks or months since the last time they saw each other. It was also amazing how nice all the older kids were with the younger kids.


For the 4 days of the rally it was one big constant party where the kids got to run around and play and the adults got to socialize and meet new people, exchange stories on how they make this lifestyle work, and build on current friendships and begin new ones.



It is a sad day when everyone starts to pack up and leave. By far the good-byes are the hardest part of this lifestyle. Knox our 3 year old told me that he was sad today because his friends had to leave (he was referring to his “girlfriend” Emily who he played with all week!).

If you are someone who currently full-times in an RV with your family or if you are considering this lifestyle I highly recommend signing up for Full-time Families, joining the Fulltime Families Facebook group, and coming to a rally so you can meet families who have been doing this for years and who plan on continuing! They have several rallies throughout the year at different locations throughout the country. We’ve had a blast at the 2 we’ve attended and plan on going to more in the future!

Great tips, great friends, and great times had by all!


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