In this training you will learn the ins and outs of using Pinterest the right way to increase views to your website.

  • Learn how to set your account up right so the over 175 million users on Pinterest can find your pins when they are on Pinterest.
  • Learn how many pins you should be scheduling each day and how to schedule them. 
  • Learn the ratio of your own pins versus other in your niche you should be doing each day. 
  • Also learn tips and tricks to make the best looking pins that will get clicked on. 
  • How to use Keywords and Hashtags.
  • And all about scheduling using Tailwind.
  • Using group boards and tribes.

This is a 101 training so if you already have a solid strategy behind your Pinterest account and are seeing the results you want this is not the training for you. However, if you have been using Pinterest but aren’t seeing the clicks you would like to see or if you are new to Pinterest then this is the training for you. 

Course Format

  1. Welcome Page
  2. Pinterest 101 Training Video
  3. Pinterest 101 Checklist
  4. Tailwind 101 Training Video
  5. Tailwind 101 Checklist
  6. BONUS: Top 11 Pinterest Resources


Before I took Pinterest and Tailwind 101, I was averaging under 5k site visitors per month. As a direct result of the techniques I learned from the course, my site traffic jumped to 55k visitors that very same month after a pin went viral and has increased by about 5k each month since then. This course was just the kick in the pants my blog needed to really get going.

Ashely Mann

From consistently using the Tailwind scheduling and Pinterest strategies I learned from the course, I have tripled traffic to my blog and have been consistently getting around 50 new subscribers a week from a pin promoting one of my opt ins (82 just last week!)!!

Lindsay McKenzie​

This course taught me how to build a better Pin with a consistent branding strategy. As a result, Pinterest has continued to be the #1 source of traffic for my blog!

Julie Chickery

Pageviews After Taking The Pinterest And Tailwind 101 Course

Pinterest 101