Question and Answer Session on Full-Time RVing With Kids

Join our LIVE 2 hour Question and Answer session where you can ask Craig and I anything you want to know about Full-time RVing with kids! No questions are off the table!

The book was filled with lots of information about full-time RVing with kids but we know it is impossible to answer every single question. That is why we have created a Q & A session so you can ask your specific questions and get our answer and feedback based on 6+ years on the road full-time with kids and pets.

We are limiting it to 10 spots to make sure everyone gets to ask the questions that they have. We also have created a Private Full-Time RVing With Kids Membership Facebook Group that you will have access to for 1 month – so you can ask any ongoing questions that you have there.

Ready to join?! You can click here to sign up for 1 of the 10 spots (we are fine with couples/families joining from the same computer as 1 spot):

Not sure you are ready yet? We get it! As a thank you for buying the book and coming to check out this page we want to share our top 15 favorite campsites. This will also add you to our Full-Time RVing With Kids email list where we will continue to share information on RVing with kids along with announcing when our next live Q & A session will be.