Milwaukee air show – no go

We tried to go to the Milwaukee air show with the kids today. On the way there it kept getting foggier and foggier. By the time we got to the Lake you couldn’t even see 20 feet out over the water . . .

We drove by all of the festivities  and Melia said “this will be fun!”. We finally found parking about 2 miles from the event and got out and loaded the kids in the stroller – Knox in the sling since he was sleeping. And started walking. We got about 500 feet and Craig and I decided it wasn’t worth it :(. It didn’t seem like the weather was going to clear so we didn’t think it would be worth it. The kids were disappointed but we had a plan!

Craig got right in front of the stroller at eye level with the kids and gave them 2 options:

1 – we can keep on walking for a long time

2 – we can get back in the car and go to Nana and Boppa’s to go swimming!

The kids got really excited and said #2 for sure!! Thank goodness for Nana and Boppa’s :)! We turned around and walked back to the car. Craig was joking with the kids and we were all having fun just being together. We got back in the car and headed to Nana and Boppa’s!

Being down by the lakefront (I should rephrase that – driving down by the lakefront) in Milwaukee was so cool and just makes me more excited for the times when we will be able to travel more and see more and just do cool things together as a family!

I was also glad that even though our plans didn’t work out and we got all packed up and drove out there that we still made the most of it. And just enjoyed spending the time together!

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