Bad Moments Not Bad Days

I use to be all or nothing. If the day started off bad or if something went wrong then the rest of the day was bad. We now have a different approach. If something bad happens – we get over it and move on within minutes. So instead of having a bad day we have bad moments. It is rare that a day goes by where we do not have at least one bad moment. And in most cases it is multiple moments throughout the day. These moments are times when I yell at the kids, the kids are fighting, Craig and I argue, etc. You know what I mean those moments that you wish you could erase or that you wish hadn’t happened.

For our families happiness it has been great to get to a point where we can all quickly move past these moments. One of the great things about it is there are so many good and great moments that occur that in the past we would have missed because I would have just stayed in the “bad day” mindset. Letting go of those bad moments and moving on to enjoy the day as soon as possible is so important to us! I also have accepted that everyday will probably have at least one bad moment if not more – I don’t expect perfection – which helps make the day go better. When you have young kids it is unrealistic to expect everyone will be happy all day :)! I keep hoping that day will come but I don’t dwell on it anymore!

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